Does PewDiePie personify perfect gaming fashion? The ubiquitous T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatpants and Trainers (Sneakers to our State side family). Or, and it’s a big ‘OR’, does PewDiePie need a fashion make-over?

We no PewDiePie influences millions of people (Gamers) across the globe. So does the modern-day Dickens have a responsibility to encourage us (Gamers) to be more conscious of our appearance. Let’s look at PewDiePie’s current garb as revealed through his latest YT posts:

Nice Mustard Hoody
Ubiquitous White T-Shirt (with witty graphic – nice!)

Are we seeing a fashion statement in these images from PewDiePie or are we simply seeing a guy wearing what’s comfortable? Suppose the man himself can only answer that question.

My view is PewDiePie needs to at least try a fashion make-over – it seems almost like he has an obligation to do so – as a modern day Dickens!