A retrospective of a Kitmeout Blog by ‘The Butcher’ back in 2013.

On the 1st May 2013 The Butcher posited:

‘Does the dominance of gay fashion designers suggest an endemic heterophobic propensity by the fashion illuminati which is manifest in its most insidious form by the pervasive tendency to corrupt the female body image by persisting with anorexic “de-feminised” models as a paradigm of perfection ultimately undermining the male/female synergy? … or perhaps the fashion illuninati are simply a pawn in the plan for androgenous evolution.’

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The question today is how accurate was The Butcher’s position back in 2013? Is there a fashion illuminati with a gender-agenda?

Is ‘heterophobia’ endemic in the fashion industry? Are we as a species being deconstructed and re-designed? If so, who are the perpetrators?