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Georgia May Jagger

Kitmeout Post from 10 years ago!


Is Georgia May Jagger the next Stella McCartney?

“I’m always inspired by my family — they’re very creative people,” says Georgia May Jagger, 17, who inherited her mother’s tumbling blonde locks and her father’s pout. “But I have my own take on stuff. I think I’ll go down my own road.”

For the youngest daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, that means juggling interests in fashion design and sculpture with her emerging modeling career while attending the British equivalent of high school in London. It also means customizing her clothes — “I’ll turn an old Primark T-shirt into a dress” — standing in as a backup singer for her boyfriend Django James’ band and taking pictures of “women in funny outfits” for her photography classes.

Nor is Jagger averse to the perks of having a rock-star dad and model mom. “My mum had a big clear-out, and she gave me all her slinky dresses from the Seventies,” she says, adding that elder sister Lizzie had already nabbed their father’s velvet jumpsuits from the era. Jagger says with a laugh that they’re all the same size: “I can wear them whenever I want.” No fashion novice, Jagger has worn Vivienne Westwood since childhood, when, as a self-professed “loudmouthed little kid,” she demanded the designer make her a version of one of her mother’s custom dresses. “I was upset that my mum and sister had got one and I hadn’t,” she says.

Hall also has offered plenty of pointers. “She always says, ‘Be nice to everyone, even if you don’t like it. Just be nice and gracious,’” says Jagger. “And ‘Don’t show your bum.’”

Jagger has no plans to follow in her father’s footsteps, her on-stage appearances with James notwithstanding. “I wanted to go to Django’s first gig. The only way I could get in was to say I was in the band,” she admits, recounting how she got around the Los Angeles club’s over-21 policy. Otherwise, she says, her musical aspirations amount to nothing more than “singing in the shower.” WWD

Markaplier Gaming Style

We take a look at markapliers fashion sense during July 2019

Gnarly beach shirt

Markaplier the YouTube hipster, shows off his radical gaming fashion sense.

Markiplier’s flannel shirt is VERY ticklish!

Beatemup’s 2019 gaming style

Gaming Tees and Deminwear

Nintendo tshirt

Check out Beatemup’s June and July 2019 casual Gaming style, wearing cool blue Nintendo switch t shirt, demin jeans and Calvin Klein boxers.

Gray Nintendo Tee

Beatempus looking like a gaming Rockstar.

Aquascutum Clothing – a British Institution


See Blog

Kitmeout rates Aquascutum as one of the ultimate British fashion brands! Hailing from the United Kingdom, Aquascutum, the quintessentially British label was founded in 1851 with its iconic tailoring heritage from the world of authentic quality and fine craftsmanship in Northamptonshire, England. Its outerwear’s customary British tailoring underscores the company’s unfailing support of the British textile industry and ensures its impeccable standards are unfailingly maintained.

Made in England pieces celebrate all the British hallmarks of Aquascutum – attention to detail, traditional craftsmanship and unquestionable authenticity.

Great British fashion brand Aquascutum, which went into administration last month, looks set to be rescued by YGM Trading Limited, the owner of the brand across Asia. FRP Advisory, the administrators for Aquascutum has confirmed that both parties have entered into an exclusivity agreement.

Following the retailer entering administration on April 17, FRP stated that they received significant interest in the business and assets of Aquascutum from around the world, totalling in excess of 70 interested parties. The statement confirmed that the decision to enter the exclusivity agreement with YGM relates to “an offer to acquire the on-going business and assets” with completion to take place by May 9.

Separately the Joint Administrators are continuing negotiations to secure a buyer for the manufacturing plant at Corby, Northamptonshire which was closed on April 19 with a loss of more than 100 jobs. No deadline has currently been set for this process.

Geoff Rowley, Joint Administrator at FRP, said: “The joint administrators have been very encouraged by the significant interest shown in the business over the last two weeks and have chosen to proceed with the offer that delivers the best outcome for the creditors of Aquascutum.”

Aquascutum was founded in 1851 with a menswear store in Regent’s Street, and was family owned until 1990, when a Japanese textile conglomerate company, Renown Incorporated bought it. Then in September 2009 after three years of losses, the Renown off-loaded it to the management team behind Jaeger, Harold Tillman and Belinda Earl.


Retrospective D&G Jeans

Here’s a retro on a Kitmeout post by The Butcher from 2008 about one of the world’s leading designer brands: D&G Jeans.

D&G Love Beach Soccer!

So Dolce & Gabbana are big Beach Soccer fans!

“We have just recently discovered Beach Soccer and we instantly became fans of this sport, which is the sumer version of soccer.” Domenico Dolce & Sefano Gabbana.

First of all guys, it ain’t called “soccer”. It’s called Football and……… the summer version of Football…….. is called Cricket and, not some sub-standard homo-erotic ball slapping fest on the beach. Sorry guys, we love you both dearly but ‘beach soccer’, FORGET IT!

Pokimane Chic

Gaming meets style!


Pokimane shows us a gamer can be stylish too. Looking chic in her catwalk style, Pokimane proves gamers can be fashion conscious!

Pokimane looking cool in a trendy vest

Jacksepticeye Man Bun


Do we love or loathe Jack’s Man Bun? For some it’s on the nail and for me it’s a case: Jack can wear anything (he’s so groovy).

Jacksepticeye so fly

Looking at his recent video with the Spiderman crew I thought he looked so fly with the man bun. He looks like a young Paul Weller with the white collar shirt straight out of a MOD movie like Quadrophenia.

Paul Weller x Jacksepticeye – separated at birth (nearly)

For the record, I am impressed by Jack’s latest style and will give him a big Kitmeout thumbs up! Nice one Jack!

Jacksepticeye fly white shirt

PewDiePie Style


Does PewDiePie personify perfect gaming fashion? The ubiquitous T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatpants and Trainers (Sneakers to our State side family). Or, and it’s a big ‘OR’, does PewDiePie need a fashion make-over?

We no PewDiePie influences millions of people (Gamers) across the globe. So does the modern-day Dickens have a responsibility to encourage us (Gamers) to be more conscious of our appearance. Let’s look at PewDiePie’s current garb as revealed through his latest YT posts:

Nice Mustard Hoody
Ubiquitous White T-Shirt (with witty graphic – nice!)

Are we seeing a fashion statement in these images from PewDiePie or are we simply seeing a guy wearing what’s comfortable? Suppose the man himself can only answer that question.

My view is PewDiePie needs to at least try a fashion make-over – it seems almost like he has an obligation to do so – as a modern day Dickens!

Fashion Blog History

A retrospective of a Kitmeout Blog by ‘The Butcher’ back in 2013.

On the 1st May 2013 The Butcher posited:

‘Does the dominance of gay fashion designers suggest an endemic heterophobic propensity by the fashion illuminati which is manifest in its most insidious form by the pervasive tendency to corrupt the female body image by persisting with anorexic “de-feminised” models as a paradigm of perfection ultimately undermining the male/female synergy? … or perhaps the fashion illuninati are simply a pawn in the plan for androgenous evolution.’

Read here

The question today is how accurate was The Butcher’s position back in 2013? Is there a fashion illuminati with a gender-agenda?

Is ‘heterophobia’ endemic in the fashion industry? Are we as a species being deconstructed and re-designed? If so, who are the perpetrators?


Sugar Cane Jeans for Eco-warriors!

One of the original Japanese denim brands, Sugar Cane has a deep root history in innovation based on style and materials.

‘ Sugar Cane ’ denim by traditional Japanese dyeing techniques by hand and not by machine. The first model ‘ Sugar Cane Awa ’ is made of sugar cane denim dyed by Awa indigo. Awa used to be one of the popular places producing indigo, located in the western part of Japan. The second model ‘ Sugar Cane Okinawa ’ is made of sugar cane fibre and indigo produced in the region of Okinawa, Japan. The third model ‘ Sugar Cane Hawaii ’ is made from sugar cane and indigo imported from Hawaii. ‘