This vintage was once an integral part of the one of one Japanese collection so RMC ORJ adopted this classic fitting five-pocket denim jean continuing to produce it true to its original form.

Featuring copper crotch rivets, donut fly buttons and the only style in the ORJ denim series to show the original RMC woven label on the back pocket and the original leather patch.


Thicker and specific tobacco colour threads are used to reinforce the authentic aesthetic. Reinforced half lined back pockets and Selvage coin pocket are standard on this model. The 13oz/13.5oz Akamimi Selvage fabric currently used within the RMC ORJ collection was originally developed exclusively with the denim history in mind.


Created by the One of One team of denim masters, the most esteemed people of the Japanese denim industry, and using the expertise of the most highly regarded fabric mill in Japan.
The Japanese indigo cast wears uniquely from the unwashed denim which is why this style is only ever available in its true, unwashed form.

The ORJ collection has been exclusively developed for 2015 for RMC Japans 13th anniversary celebrations.