Evisu has been one of the most widely discussed brands on the Kitmeout fashion forum. Take a butchers at this thread:

“Hi, i am doing some research on Evisu, and basically i would like to know what happened to Evisu… there was a period in the 90’s where it was an extremely popular brand, but now it has a certain stigma attached to it. i think this is a shame as they are doing some quite cool stuff right now, WHAT HAPPENED to their popularity, and what can they do to bring it back…

lets discuss…”

Full thread here: http://forum.kitmeout.com/talk-fashion/6874-evisu.html

If you’re looking for Vintage Evisu take a butchers at Togged.com: http://www.togged.com/browse/Evisu_0_17_0_na_menswear.html