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The Japanese line has 3-4 basic standard lines of denim quality and is denoted by a number on the patch. so No.0, No.1, No.2 and No.3. 0 being the highest in quality and price and 3 being the lowest in quality and price.

No.0 – It’s like a evisu prototype denim, seems very rare/limited and is meant to be more irregular and textured than the no1. Really no one knows much about it.

No.1 – 14.5oz. selvedge and made in japan. high quality and is not pre-shrunk (unsanforised), is slightly darker than no.2.

No.2 -14.5oz selvedge and made in japan. high quality but may be not as dark or seen as good quality as No.1 and is preshrunk (sanforised)

No.3 – mass produced outside of Japan in CHINA. medium grade quality and not selvedge. (sanforised)