Sugar Cane Jeans have received extensive chatter on the Kitmeout forum, take a butchers at just one of many threads here.

Lots of questions surrounding the origin, purpose and future of the brand: “Something to do with being tougher fiber and environmentally friendly and also very minimalistic but not sure how the concept first came about. Be interesting to find out.”

Sugar Cane thoroughly analyzed our forerunners jeans from the start of the 1900s in chronicle order from yarn, dye, weave and construction to components . Sugar Cane have the actual results of fabric woven and colour fade test on the original pants worn. In order to create their own original jeans, it took over 20 years of research. To perfectly reproduce denim fabrics from 50 to 100 years ago in today ’ s advanced period is extremely difficult. To begin with Sugar Cane had to look for old power looms that had worked to weave denim fabric in those days, restore them and adjust them to weave the fabric. It was not easy to revive the old machines that disappeared a long time ago due to advent of new automated processes but Sugar Cane have managed to keep tradition alive.