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September 2013

Evisu Jeans – Return Path

A while ago on the Kitmeout forum it was suggested that Evisu Jeans were about to make a come back following their haydays in the 90s.

“…are evisu jeans coming back in to fashion. seeing them more and more on the fringes of fashion again.”

Read whole thread here: Evisu Jeans

A year after the question was posited it seems like Evisu are still on the fringes looking in at the favoured brands but their time back in the limelight is inevitable.

Sugar Cane Jeans – What makes them special?

Sugar Cane Jeans have received extensive chatter on the Kitmeout forum, take a butchers at just one of many threads here.

Lots of questions surrounding the origin, purpose and future of the brand: “Something to do with being tougher fiber and environmentally friendly and also very minimalistic but not sure how the concept first came about. Be interesting to find out.”

Sugar Cane thoroughly analyzed our forerunners jeans from the start of the 1900s in chronicle order from yarn, dye, weave and construction to components . Sugar Cane have the actual results of fabric woven and colour fade test on the original pants worn. In order to create their own original jeans, it took over 20 years of research. To perfectly reproduce denim fabrics from 50 to 100 years ago in today ’ s advanced period is extremely difficult. To begin with Sugar Cane had to look for old power looms that had worked to weave denim fabric in those days, restore them and adjust them to weave the fabric. It was not easy to revive the old machines that disappeared a long time ago due to advent of new automated processes but Sugar Cane have managed to keep tradition alive.

Androgynous Fashion – a bone of contention

Tongue in Cheek, Bone of Contention, all good innuendo but is “Androgynous Fashion” worth serious debate. To quote:

“Pompous title I know! anyways should men’s and women’s fashion ever meet. I mean is it ever acceptable for men and women to wear the same type of clothing and footwear. I realise body shapes will always ensure some kind of gulf between the sexes bit should designers ever look to bridge the gap and make androgynous fashion? I don’t mean what we’ve discussed in the past with juicy couture trying to pussify men I mean real in the middle androgynous fashion

Take a butchers at the thread here …

English Laundry Shirts – Brands in Focus

As a weekly feature we’re starting a “Brands in Focus” spot on the blog. Each week we’ll grab one brand name from the “Add a Fashion Brand” section on the forum and give it a homepage shout on Kitmeout. This week we’re kicking things off with English Laundry. Top notch brand – take a butchers:

English Laundry is the Wickedly Arrogant Line of Elegant yet Street Savvy Men’s Shirts designed by the incredibly charming Christopher Wicks of Manchester England. Mr. Wicks says (tongue in cheek – we think) that Manchester England is the Center of the Universe. We can say that Manchester did give the design world a fabulous gift in the form of Christopher Wicks. His English Laundry brand is a collection of Vintage Inspired shirts unlike any other Mens Line. “Dead Smart” as Christopher calls the line – the whole concept behind English Laundry is Elegance, ARROGANGE and totally English! Each shirt is hand tailored and hand laundered for a gorgeous look and a fabulous fit. They are well know for their style, fit, comfort and durability. The fabrics used in the line are from Mr. Wicks personal collection of fine fabrics that he has been hoarding since the mid 1960’s. The fabrics are all circa 1965 – 1978. European Influences and Tattoo Designs have become part of the inspiration for the recent introductions into the English Laundry Collection.. With English Laundry a man can have a new hand tailored shirt made of luxury vintage fabric without paying a personal shirtmaker – the work is done and the style is Dead On!

If you want to get a brand up on the Kitmeout homepage either post it on the forum or give us a shout in a shell.

Image courtesy of English Laundry.

Replica Designer Clothes vs Fake Designer Clothes

An interesting thread posted on the Kitmeout forum pitching Replica Designer Clothes versus Fake Designer Clothes. To quote:

“perhaps a controversial and provocative question. nonetheless, are replicas always wrong? i mean bags, clothing, jeans, watches, trainers. what are the real arguments against them? ”

Take a butchers at the entire thread CLICK HERE

Oldest Jeans from Hugo Boss

Take a butchers at these Hugo Boss Jeans made in 1986. The questions posited on the Kitmeout forum whether these are the oldest Hugo Boss Jeans in existence. Can’t be many pairs of Hugo Boss jeans left that are over a quarter of a century. Probably worth putting in the Hugo Boss museum …. and take a gander at the cut – brilliant!

See Kitmeout Thread – click here

Ayahuasca – Dress Green

Artwork courtesy of Pablo Amaringo

Ayahuasca – The Fashion World needs some inspiration…

Where has all the inspiration gone? Have fashion personas destroyed true style? Is fashion dead? Questions flying around the web every day. Do we all need a new view point?

Ayahuasca – Dress Green

“there’s a lot of cultural evolution built around hallucinogens that have allowed for creative thinking and societal development. The negative connotations that we’ve all been inculcated with regarding drugs are taking hallucinogens out of their context so they are all perceived as negative. i think we all need to be a lot more broad minded and look for answers in their true traditional context. in fact, if there’s one drug that should be banned from all societies it’s alcohol.”

Fake Stone Island

Over the past decade plus there’s been a lot of chatter about fake Stone Island gear. Take a butchers:

A Question about Fake Stone Island Jackets

A Question about Parallel Imports and associated Fakes

Has the net helped proliferate the production and sale of snide SI? Probably no more than any other top brand but if you know the right spots down Roman Road market you can find a boat load to then throw up on our favourite cyber-fence,

KATO Jeans

KATO Jeans from the horse’s mouth. Take a butchers:

Are kato jeans worth the high price? seen some online but not seen them for real yet.

“simple answer is YES…..

but then I work with them!!

the price is sadly high due to the nature of the production and the cost on import, the short looming and the ZIM cotton and double harvest indigo all cost, with less producers on the cotton and the age of the weaver and dyer growing older there are simply higher cost and with the EU new import ‘issues’ with cotton and the higher tax in Japan on the processes..sorry am I boring….it just cost us more to produce a higher quality denim”


“many companies say the use Zim cottons, and most do, but the mass of it is from the Zimbabwe Cotton company, a company own by the government and selling ALL cotton from Zimbabwe, mixed together the many different strains and not paying the full price back to the growers, this is simply wrong, but you can still call it Zim Cotton, even though it’ll be a mix of long and short chain and not all organic.

the good thing about the ‘soil’ or should I say it location is the high above sea level, the chill winds and the clear skies. the raw cotton is strong and clean. if you buy direct you can be sure you money goes where it should. this is sadly not the case right now.

we will stop using Zim cotton after this batch is done and will source else where the same strain or better.

As for a ‘government doesn’t abuse and tyrannise it’s citizens’ I ask you all, now many pairs of nike do you own? or adidas or levi or any big brand for that matter, do you drink coke? do you drink at starbucks? all are using ‘bad’ production systems and damage more people.

there has always been an ‘issue’ with the regain and they will always will be, I’ve been I’ve seen and I’m not happy doing business with it. that said when i worked for much larger companies i saw worse in there factories

so please ‘boycott Zimbabwe cotton’ but keep up the pressure on all of this. As producers it’s our job to listen to our hearts and our customers. “

“Welcome to Woodstock” Spring season launch

The Backroom Sydney and Sailor Jerry present

“Welcome to Woodstock” Spring season launch

Back for its third successful year we present you all things beautiful and delicious from the Spring summer season into one event.

The venue will be decorated all things spring wall to wall in floral decorations, floor paved with grass and Woodstock iconic rock and roll references.

Enjoy Floral and rock and roll themed cocktails complimentary from 9pm-10pm

Sailor Jerry “Rock and Roll” cocktail Stall

Hendricks Gin “Ladies of the Lawn” cocktail stall

Music By –

Dangerous Dan – Dan Single – aka MR Cool ( DAAN / BANG GANG )

GGMAGREE – aka Mrs Yeah Pussy

FREE vintage photo booth to capture all your spring break moments!

The Backroom Sydney
13th September

Rodd & Gunn

With football season around the corner, long Sunday afternoons, late Monday nights and plenty of geezer-time are in the forecast. Make sure to stock up on fall favorites to look casual without looking like a “merchant banker”. Rodd & Gunn takes its inspiration from a balanced “work hard/play hard” lifestyle, incorporating its love of sports, staying true to its values of quality and authenticity, all while capturing an energetic, casual attitude. Worth a butchers!

Eco-Friendly Sunglasses

Designer Reading Glasses made from Organic Sustainable Bamboo

“Eynack Creats Eye Candy for Women, Eye Catcher for Men”

Eye glasses made from sustainable materials are no longer an optical illusion. Enhance your spec appeal with a pair of glorious glasses from Eynack, designer eco-friendly eyewear handcrafted from organic sustainable bamboo. They’re stylish, functional, and most important – affordable.

Meltin ’Pot jeans A/W 2013 Collection

The new Meltin ’Pot jeans campaign/look book for the fall winter ‘13 season ahead is a pure celebration of the double-edged side of life. Taking the left instead of the right and seeing life from a different perspective. Meltin’ Pot make denim for real people who share the brand’s passion and who live life to the fullest- where life takes you!

The campaign and look book were shot in Florence by Italian photographers Flavio and Frank, in an off the  wall, bohemian location and play with this asymmetric style, featuring shots positioned at a irregular angles. The models used represent real life fans of Meltin’Pot and bring alive the energy of the brand and its perspective on life. The new collection will be in store from September in fine denim stores internationally.