How pro-active should a big name brand be to ensure that their products are not made using unfair labour and abuse? A big question most brands would like swept under the proverbial carpet.

A Nike factory has agreed to pay $1m in unpaid overtime to Indonesian workers in a move that could force other suppliers of multinational companies to follow suit. Maybe there’s also an onus on us consumers to put our foot down and boycott brands that are abusing the working class?

“There are more than 100,000 factory workers in Serang, and those who are most prone to overwork are labourers for branded merchandise, since they have to achieve certain targets,” said Bambang Wirahyoso, national chairman of the trade union.

Nike said it “commends the factory on their action plan and efforts to correct inadequacies in current policies designed to protect the rights of workers. Nike will continue to monitor and support their efforts to remediate the situation.” Nice! but shouldn’t Nike have ensured they placed production with a fair-labour factory before the law suit? Where was Nike’s due-diligence?