As most people know, Kitmeout was the first site in the world to offer Evisu Jeans and Clothing online. Back in 2000, Kitmeout was selling an array of Evisu Jeans including the Millennium Edition. We have an affinity with the brand and are always privileged to make a post. Take a butchers at the latest:

To celebrate EVISU turns 20, “Make the Rules” project is rolling out globally and world-renowned contemporary artist Tomokazu Matsuyama is invited to artistically express “Make the Rules”. Matsu specially created an art piece for EVISU-Kirin, he uproots the traditionally reversed icon of a mythological creature symbolizing ‘prosperity’, and places it amid an abstract white space, dripping in a bright contemporary acrylic color palette. Matsu for EVISU limited edition jeans will be launched in A/W12.