Take a butchers at this image-roller:

“As you know, EL MAC was in our factory in Barcelona, doing a mural. Here’s the video of the process which the directors of Popcranc did, with the support of Offf Festival and Montana Colors.

In the words of the directors themselves: “From the very start, when we had the opportunity to speak with Mac and find out more about his work, we decided to center the video idea, not on the mural process, but on the style and inspiration of the author. The suggestive image of the girl which he painted really reminded us of Andy Warhol’s screen tests, and the simple details characteristic of Jean-Luc Godard’s Anna Karina. So we threw ourselves into the project, playing with that inspiration. The main thing was to use the dramatic combination of black and white, just as Mac did with his piece. We had a great time during the whole process with Mac, Ari, and Kim, and hope that they’ll come back to Barcelona soon. Many thanks to Montana for the opportunity!”