Clothing designers don’t have to limit themselves to fabric, needle, and thread. Royal College of Art textile student Jungeun Lee, for one, removes them from the equation altogether. To create her “Wrapped Garments,” Lee molds synthetic yarn around a form to create the desired silhouette—no cutting or sewing required. By applying heat (look Ma, no seams!), the tangled fibers fuse into three-dimensional wearable sculptures with clean lines, decisive shapes, and unexpected contours.

Eco Friendly Dress

Jungeun Lee

Specialism: Mixed Media Textiles?

I have been experimenting and researching unconventional methods of creating garments. The technique I have developed can also be applied to creating products.?

Wrapping synthetic fibre around a desired form or chosen objects fascinates me. Through a heating process, wound fibre transforms itself into a 3D-moulded garment, bringing expected and unexpected sculptural silhouettes.?

My final collection shows conceptual garments that have been created through this process. These garments display the potential of this idea and a journey that I will continue to develop.?