Meltin Pot Pop Up in Berlin

BERLIN POP UP STORE 06.07.11- 06.09.11

Another first for the brand. This unique pop up boutique will open its doors during the period Bread & Butter (the most important European sports and denim wear fair) for a two-month period. This first example of a Pop Up boutique with many to follow in the near future…will feel like home from home.

The space spanning 110sqm is based on Weinmeisterstrasse no2, within the heart of the Mitte district, aka one of Berlin’s hubs of cultural and entertainment. The style of the store successfully integrates the never-ending “Journey to Nowhere”, from which it takes its design inspiration from modular flight (travel) cases and using them to create eclectic wow-installations.

An easy vibe and a place to get to know us better. A summer place not only to hang with your local mates and meet some out of town new ones or listen to some eclectic tunes but to also shop some jeans from our latest fall winter 2011 treasures including the “Must Have” men’s workwear selection and the all new women’s denim line.

One off band’s will jam, guest DJ’s will pop by and play a couple of vinyl tracks, this pop up store will give all that visit a welcome home feelin into the world of Meltin’Pot.

AT EVERY STOP we setup camp and create a temporary home… and there will be more Pop Up surprises so – Watch your space.

The Meltin’Pot Pop Up Store will be open Mon-Sat.