George Clooney Clothing - Think not!

George Clooney Won His Court Case Against That Fraudulent Clothing Line

It’s been less than a year since George Clooney appeared in Italian court to testify against the makers of GC Exclusive, a clothing line that was fraudulently advertised as being designed by the actor himself (in one instance by photoshopping Clooney’s head on some dude wearing long jean shorts, which, as Clooney explained, he never wears). Today, the three defendants were found guilty in a first-degree charge of fraudulently using Clooney’s name and likeness to sell their men’s and women’s clothing.

Vincenzo Cannalire, the managing director of GC Exclusive, was condemned to one year and 10 months in jail. The other two defendants, Vanja Goffi and Francesco Galdelli, were respectively sentenced to three years and 10 months and three years and six months of jail time. A legal source told Women’s Wear Daily that the trial “had a regular procedure.”

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