Meltin’ Pot Jeans & Clothes 2011

To celebrate the new look Meltin’Pot E commerce shop and a new year in which Meltin’Pot is going to say goodbye to the past and a big HELLO to the future, Meltin’ Pot presents STYLE ME UP. Style Me Up embraces the individual and international creative talent of 12 different bloggers/stylists, creating a 12 month calendar of unique and culturally diverse Meltin’Pot looks, together with hot styling tips for the seasons ahead.

10 TokyoDandy styling tips for the season.

1) Turn up collars, roll up sleeves – fit your clothes to your body.
2) Chromophobia is the fear of bright colors – this is unacceptable -embrace color! Even just a little with a bright tie or pair of socks, or if you’re really daring your hair.
3) Cut off jean legs in Summer for the comfiest pair of shorts…..
4) Then wear your favorite shorts all-year round over a pair of leggings.
5) Beg, borrow and steal clothes and jewelry from friends – sharing is caring and everything looks different on each individual.
6) Japanese street fashion is popular because of the amount of mixing and matching it involves, with just a little imagination you can get so much more out of your wardrobe.
7) Wash your hair. The 90’s maybe having a revival but some things from the grunge era are best left in the past.
8 ) Studs are here to stay but be inventive, search out flat studs and shapes other than the traditional spike shape.
9) Don’t follow trends when it comes to jeans, it’s essential you wear the style that is right for your body.
10) Ignore all above the above. Style tips are like fad diets, there are no quick fixes and if you thin about it you know what’s good for you.

For more information and visuals or details on the forthcoming Style Me Up participants please contact:
Beverley Luckings // e- // T- +39 335 718 7093

Meltin' Pot Jeans