On February 25th, we will be taking over our good friends at Black Scale’s space to debut our Spring ’11 collection for our first Pop Up Shop. We’ve always gotten so much love from the Bay, it was only right that we chose it for our first foray out of Southern California.

Of all the things UVT has grown to become, and be involved with, the foundation has and always will be about our Family. We wouldn’t be where we are now without the help from our friends. Whether its help setting up for the hardcore shows we used to throw at the shop, or inspiring us with their talents, our crew has been our lifeblood.

So with this in mind, to coincide with the opening of the pop up shop, UVT co-founder Glory curated “Wive’s Tales”, a showcase of three tattoo artists who we have seen grow to the top of their game and can truly be called UVT family. Featuring Luke Wessman, Menso, and Frankie Caraccioli, each artist created a piece that speaks on superstitions and folk tales, and we have created a video series to introduce each artist to our extended family-all of our loyal supporters. We will be making limited edition product based on the pieces that will be available at the opening, including shirts, fleece, hats and prints.