A specialist in “authentic” jeans, Japan Rags brand has been expressing the cultural desire for the genuine article since 1998 and is perfectly positioned as the expert on vintage. Established in the south of France by Gil Richardiere, (the father) and Lylian (his son), Japan Rags is today a rapidly expanding fashion brand.

Japan Rags refers to the “Made in Japan” secondhand clothes culture that was one of the major markets for post-war secondhand American clothes. Pioneers of vintage fashion, customizing, repurposing and recycling clothes. A trend that continues to have a strong influence on current fashion! It is in this rich universe that the brand finds its inspiration each season. The basics of secondhand clothes are reworked, rethought and redesigned to meld into a more urban, sporty fashion.

Aware of environmental problems, Japan Rags expresses their will to encourage a more green view of the industry. After years of research, and numerous scientific tests, Japan Rags choses a revolutionary fading technique, the Ozone Treatment. This treatment consists of reducing the water and chemical treatments needed for fading the blue jeans, and abolishing the use of permanganate.