The C.P. Company Goggle Jacket was originally designed by Massimo Osti as a gift, as part of C.P. Company’s sponsorship involvement in the ‘988 edition of the iconic Mile Miglia (Thousand Miles) Italian open road endurance race. Its design features embody the cautious study of all functionality and innovation details derived from car racing. Its most original design features were the hinging goggles built into the hood and the window on the left sleeve through which a driver could check his watch whist driving.

To celebrate 20 years since its release, C.P. Company invited RCA graduate (2006) Aitor Throup to re-invent this icon of clothing design, resulting in a forward-thinking ergonomic driving concept.

Aitor Throup’s design philosophy is centred around ideologies of a constant research to find new solution in clothing, mainly explored his own sculptures. Throup’s ‘justified design philosophy’ dictates a need for a reason behind every design feature. His work has been described as ‘conceptual functionalism’. The C.P. Company 20th anniversary Goggle Jacket is a direct example of this unique approach to design.

This exhibition (curated by Aitor Throup) incorporates the origins of the Goggle Jacket, as well as in-depth view into the design process and functionality behind the special 20th anniversary edition.