Louis Vuitton Forest by More Trees

Louis Vuitton marked the one-year anniversary of its reforestation project in Japan, called Louis Vuitton Forest by More Trees, with a symposium in Tokyo last week. The talk was attended by award-winning musician and composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, who is also the founder of the Japanese nonprofit organization More Trees. The organization works with various partners and supporters to protect and regenerate forests in rural areas throughout Japan and in the Philippines. The Louis Vuitton forest is located in Nagano prefecture and its aim is to be not only beautiful, but also sustainable. Sakamoto expects the project to be long term, extending 40 years or more into the future. “It feels really good that we were able to collaborate [with Louis Vuitton],” said Sakamoto. “By working together for a number of years, I hope that we’re able to make this a truly great forest.”