Sugar Cane Jeans - Official Detergent for Denim

Sugar Cane vintage wash & Premium care enzyme detergent for Denim. Carton with 10 sachets of Vintage wash & Premium Care.

Prepare cold water or luke-warm water more than 30L, in an adequately large container (best not over 20 degrees Celsius), DO NOT WASH IN HOT WATER. By washing in hot water, the indigo blue dye will lose its natural shade. Mix the detergent with water. If you are worried about excessive indigo loss (usually not a problem with Japanese makes), then add a table spoon of salt to help the indigo hold fast (please no sea water, you don’t know what’s in there…). Add jeans & let it sit in the water for ~20 minutes. After about 2 minutes in the water, the enzymes in the ‘vintage wash’ is already starting to take effect – will notice the water becoming murky.Hand wash the jeans. Rinse your jean with cold water and ensure all the detergent is washed away.

Add the Sugar Cane ‘premium care’solution to water and soak the jeans in it for 15 minutes, then proceed to drying (do not rinse out the treatment solution).

Dry your jeans in the shade and NOT direct sunlight to avoid fading in the sun.