Swedish Designers follow the NOHARM lead

Following in the footsteps of the UK based vanguard brand, NOHARM, Swedish designers trumpet their passion for environmentally-friendly and ethical fashion.

Eco Chic – Towards Sustainable Swedish Fashion opened at the Scandinavia House: The Nordic Center in America, showcasing Swedish fashion designers who take an environmentally-friendly and ethical approach to their work without sacrificing style.

On view through August 21st, this exhibition illuminates high fashion alternatives to mcuh of today’s environmentally harmful clothing.

Proving that “going green” is more than a feel-good fad, Swedish designers collaborated to establish a culture of sustainable fashion. The fashion industry faces major challenges in both resources and labor, but designers featured in the Eco Chic exhibition strive to change the general attitude of fashion and consumption.

They believe that sustainable development is not simply an empty phrase, and fashion is not just about appearance. This touring exhibition from The Swedish Institute (SI) which premiered in Belgrade in the winter of 2008 has visited major international cities including Minsk, Kiev, Riga, Istanbul and most recently Berlin. The installation at Scandinavia House in New York marks the first American stop on this tour.

Sustainable clothing has typically been distinguishable by its appearance. Now, as Eco Chic illustrates, ethical fashion look no different from conventionally produced clothing. It can be exciting and it is possible to construct high fashion garments with sustainable and ecological practices.

What sets this kind of fashion apart is implicitly in the values and attitudes of individual garments, and continue right thorough to the finished product, including the transparency of fashion companies about their production processes and materials.

Eco Chic designers aspire to create a culture o principles design and production. Through this touring exhibition, they hope to inform consumers that fashion can be simultaneously stylish and sustainable.

Eco Chic – Towards Sustainable Swedish Fashion presents garments and footwear by various Swedish fashion designers. Featured in this exhibition include: Anja Hynynen, Bergman’s, Camilla Noorback, Dem Collective, Johanna Hofring, Julian Red, Nudie, Pia Anjou, Reflective Circle, Righteous Fashion, Swedish Hasbeens and Zion.