Ijin indigo goes neutral

At Ijin headquarters the fearless Phil Ijin knows no jeans-making boundaries & showing unbleached & unseeded organic cotton, selvedged ”denim” for the Standard red-line leg presented no real moral issues.After all , denim was not always blue, & canvas qualities ruled the prospector roost, back in the day & once upon a time ( in America). And then there’s that description ”Red-line”.On closer inspection we can notice that whilst red is present on the ”self-edge” , there is a more unusual orange line accompanying the red one, creating a slightly Rustic Summer feel.Interesting is that the shaggy Ox calf label pays homage to the ‘hair-on-hide” classic waist label, however tipped on it’s feet & sewn on the left side ( like all Ijin selvedge cuts ) it is signature Ijin through & through, especially with the Diamond sewn rivets & that triple needle back seam ( the only 3 needle seam on the garment, specially added for extra resistance).

And Resistance this certainly is,in the Indigo sphere, so waste no time sitting on the fence, ”Go Neutral” & always remember:
”the revolution will not be televised: the revolution will be live”.