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Whilst studying at a London Uni a meat eating antagonist highlighted the glaring hypocrisy in my defence of a vegetarian lifestyle. “Why,” he asked, “do you trumpet the health benefits and compassionate virtues of a vegetarian and/or vegan diet whilst wearing a square metre of cow’s skin on your feet?” I had no adequate reply to this valid question apart from to say I was on a journey and although I felt I was on an honorable path I still had much ground to cover.

In reality, I felt humiliated and something of a hypocrite. I went back to my bed-sit a little dejected. After a few moments cogitating I decided to catch a tube to the westend to buy a pair of smart vegan shoes I could use for both job interviews and evenings out. I arrived at Oxford Street full of enthusiasm and a hundred pounds in my pocket. Where should I start? There were so many options? At least, that’s what I thought until I entered over 10 shoe shops and not one could offer me a smart pair of vegan shoes.

Surely, there must be somewhere I desperately proclaimed to one shop assistant who looked at me like I was asking for directions to the Sangraal. After over 4 hours of searching it became patently obvious that footwear manufacturers and retailers had decided there was no market for smart vegan shoes, or vegetarian shoes or vegetarian boots for that matter. In the end I bought a pair of canvas shoes and just hoped the glue and sole didn’t have any dead animal ingredients. Well, that was over fifteen years ago and I am happy to say things have improved considerably for vegans and/or vegetarians wishing to buy decent vegan shoes or vegetarian shoes over the years.

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