RMC Limited Edition Denim Luggague
Here’s a sneak peek at the New RMC Limited edition denim luggage collection due to land in early 2010. The luggage collection is made with the finest materials, including Japanese denim and the finest Italian leather. Contact sales@rmcjeans.co.uk for more information.

RMC Martin Ksohoh (aka RED MONKEY COMPANY), established 2002 in Hong Kong. . Directed by Martin Lee Yat Ming, the product design is based on the concept of exquisite embroidery stitching technique on denim garments The name Red Monkey Company abbreviated “RMC” and branded RMC Martin Ksohoh carries two connotative meanings. “Red” symbolizes the searing red sun as well as Oriental. Whereas, “Monkey” signifies evolution, of which apes evolved into human being. “Company” is the workshop consisted of creative persons, ideas and projects.