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December 2009

Christopher Bailey collects MBE from Buckingham Palace


“I am both honoured and humbled to be named a member of the British Empire by Her Majesty The Queen. This award also recognises the incredible team that I work with and it is privilege to be a part of Burberry a great British brand.”
Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer

London, 4 December 2009 – Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer, collected his MBE from Buckingham Palace in London.

Christopher was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in Queen Elizabeth II’s Birthday 2009 Honours List in June 2009 for his services to the Fashion Industry.

Earlier this week, Christopher also became an Honorary Patron of Dublin’s Trinity College’s Philosophical Society. The Philosophical Society has been a forum for the discussion of artistic and aesthetic ideas for over three centuries.

The recognitions follow Christopher’s honorary fellowship in 2003 from the Royal College of Art, where he graduated from with an MA in 1994, an honorary doctorate in 2006 from the University of Westminster, where he graduated from with a Bachelor of Arts in 1990 and an honorary doctorate of Science for his contribution to the Arts by the University of Huddersfield in Yorkshire in 2007.

In his role as Chief Creative Officer of Burberry, Christopher Bailey is responsible for the design of all Burberry collections and products, as well as all advertising, corporate art direction, architectural design, multi-media content and overall brand image for Burberry.

Christopher also recently oversaw the design and development of the new 160,000 square foot Burberry Global Headquarters at Horseferry House in London, the newly opened 68,000 square foot Burberry Americas Headquarters at 444 Madison in New York and the new Burberry Headquarters in Ginza, Tokyo in Japan.

In 2008 Christopher Bailey and Burberry Chief Executive Angela Ahrendts, set up the Burberry Foundation committed to dedicating global resources to help young people realise their dreams and achieve their goals and potential through the power of their creativity.

Christopher Bailey was appointed Chief Creative Officer of Burberry in November 2009, a newly created position in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the brand since his appointment at Burberry as Creative Director in May 2001.

Christopher Bailey, 38, is British and was born in Yorkshire.

Ijin Material – traditional Japanese jeans-making

Ijin Material - traditional Japanese jeans-makingIjin Material is definitely a brand to watch in 2010. There’s a lot of noise on the scene about the designs and concepts being craft in the Ijin Studio. Keep your eyes peeled on this one in early 2010.

Despite a strong background in the field of traditional Japanese jeans-making, Philip Goss and Ijin Material choose to make denim product with the clear intention of presenting the classic “leg” in an alternative way. The ethos of the Ijin brand is alternative artisinal denim ideas which purposley play with distorting the rules of denim know-how & specifically avoid simply making vintage replicas.

Italian based and produced , this free thinking label specialises in slow-denim craftmanship & single production runs. The individualism of Ijin Material centres around the “Half-Man ” logo which symbolises the symmetrical folding techniques inherent to the way products are cut.Fanatical attention to detail is apparent in the manufacture, which uniquely minimises pattern pieces, reduces waste aswell as fully respecting the heritage of hand-made detailing. Three principle cutting techniques identify Ijin Material Irregular Indigo Items:

*the unique “Foldedge-cut” leg was originated in 2003 as the protagonist Ijin model.

It is a highly deceptive item , with many common vintage details being either exaggerated or re-interpreted. This “ foldedge “ cutting is a highly specialized method which cuts a garment open legged & centred on the stronger warp thread.Cut this way the legs will naturally collapse around the knee, where the cloth reaches near 45° bias point,creating an inherent softness to the unwashed cloth.

Worn from dry, these legs will render your personal body-map in a unique manner and can actually advance the natural ageing process of unlaundered indigo denim.This process is defined by Ijin Material as “ seasoning ”. *the “Wrap-leg cut “ involves cutting the cloth with a dead straight & folded outer leg, composed of one single piece. Wrap-legs are notable by the fact that they have a completely clean finish hem & in-seam , aswell as the trademark inexistent “outseam”.Instead, a hip dart continues on to become the yoke, as it shapes across the back of the garment. If they are turned up one cannot see any unfinished seams.

These items are also composed of only 10 key pattern pieces including the 3 pockets.

*Ijin Material Selvedge denim is focussed on respecting the heritage of tradition without appearing repro nor historic. Cloth choice is strictly low-tension old loom,carefully chosen for character & attitude, with the aim to wear from dry, for as long as possible.Vintage details are enhanced ,such as the extra wide selvedge or the Ijin hallmark, found on the solid copper rivet nail, a one piece,die-cast, piece of denim jewellery.These are combined with diamond-head sewn rivets . Every seam is stitched with specific shades of cotton, highlighted by tobacco coloured thread on details, such as the trademark Ijin “Sixth” pocket & the triple stitched crotch seam.

The Ijin “akamimi” leg is true-school denim ,uniquely identified by the invisible fly & the unconventional white vitello label, placed on the back belt left.

All Ijin “ irregular indigo items” are rigorously tailor-finished inside with a striped ticking lining , coloured bindings, personalized overlocking,& busted seat seams.Sewn with up to 5 thread colours, including real indigo “invisible” thread, which naturally fades with the denim, Ijin items are as beautiful inside as outside.Hand-cut leather detailing is common, both solid copper & stitched rivets used, aswell as a Union chain-stitched hem, sewn on a machine more than 60 years old.

“IJIN ” is a very traditional japanese word once used to define someone as an “ outsider ”, or “ foreigner ”. It can sometimes mean “alien” , or “ black sheep ”.

These very words define the independant, self-financed company structure and label philosophy pioneered by alternative jeansmaker Philip Goss , a Londoner , now resident in Italy.

It is designed, presented and managed by one person & has been since 2003.

Ex St.Martins class of ‘87, Philip has had numerous lives in the international design field.

As creative director of Evisu International in 2000 for 3 years , he was reponsible for establishing the foundation of this highly specialised denim product line as well as creating all of the commercial designer lines into Europe. He now collaborates personally with Evis founder & indigo-friend – Yamane san – to produce a new specialist denim line for the Japanese market only.

His private label is called “ Evis 9055 -Philip Goss Edition ”

Paul Smith Las Vegas

Paul Smith Las Vegas
Designed by one of Paul’s favourite architects – Daniel Libeskind, the new shop in Crystals Mall will house Paul Smith collections for men and women in addition to accessories and shoes.

Staying true to the Paul Smith hallmark of individualism – the Las Vegas shop offers a unique selection of Paul Smith merchandise along with a well-edited collection of interesting curios, books and antiques.

Paul Smith
Crystals Mall
3720 South Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas
NV 89109

Pringle of Scotland x David Shrigley T-Shirts

Pringle of Scotland x David Shrigley T-Shirts
This month sees Pringle of Scotland’s participation in an exciting project implemented by interview mag. Pringle of Scotland will contribute a series of limited edition David Shrigley T-Shirts to Interview’s Anniversary collection which will be sold in a luxury vending machine at the Mondrian Hotle in Miami Beach.
Pringle of Scotland

Nowhere Boy, Paul Smith T-Shirt

Paul Smith Jeans have designed a T-shirt to celebrate the release of Sam Taylor Wood’s directorial debut, “Nowhere Boy” which tells the story of John Lennon before the Beatles.

These limited edition T-shirts will be available to buy from the beginning of December, ahead of the film’s Box Office release on Boxing Day.

T-shirts retail at £50 and will be available from Paul Smith Jeans shops in London and Nottingham.

RMC Martin Ksohoh Dragon Jeans


Here’s a shot of the RMC Martin Ksohoh Dragon Jeans. They’re offered in various permutations of patch work and colour ways. RMC have a macho image not usually associated with boyfriend jeans – but hey, who’s going to argue with this image!

Morrissey x Stella McCartney Shoes

Morrissey x Stella McCartney ShoesFollowing in the footsteps of the inimitable, NOHARM brand, Morrissey is working on a leather-free range of footwear with Paul McCartney’s daughter Stella, the fashion designer has revealed.

Both Morrissey and McCartney are vegetarians, and although the pair’s designs are still in the early stages, she says they are hoping to launch the range next year.

“I’m working with Morrissey on a line of leather-free shoes which I’m really excited about,” McCartney told the Daily Mail. “We are still in the early stages, but the shoes could be launched next year.”

McCartney is also reportedly set to work with fellow vegetarian Leona Lewis on a new clothing range.

In other Morrissey news, the singer recently suggested that suicide was “honourable” while appearing on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs.

Thom Browne goes Cross Company

Thom Browne goes Cross Company
Japan’s Cross Company has raised its stake in Thom Browne to 67 percent as the New York-based designer reverses his reluctance to cede control of his brand.

The men’s designer, known for his cropped pants and lean tailoring, first teamed up with Cross this summer when the Japanese company took a 20 percent stake in his company at an undisclosed price. At that time, Cross president Yasuharu Ishikawa said he would be open to eventually increasing his company’s stake in the business.

Browne and Cross also established a new company called Thom Browne Japan to oversee the brand’s business here. The two partners plan to open a Thom Browne flagship in Tokyo next year.

Yasuharu Ishikawa made it clear that the increased stake was made to save a brand that they believe in. Apparently the design house — like so many designers during this recession — was in dire financial straits.

Pringle of Scotland in Milan

Pringle of Scotland in Milan

Pringle of Scotland is raising its profile with a return to the Milan men’s runways in January and a pair of retail collaborations centered on the twinset.

Pringle Of Scotland Is One Of The Oldest Names In The Scottish Borders, The Birthplace Of The British Knitwear Industry. Founded In 1815 By Robert Pringle, The Company Began As A Manufacturer Of Hosiery And Underwear. It Became One Of The First Luxury Knitwear Manufacturers In The Wor

New Balance x Nine West Trainers

New Balance x Nine West Trainers
Following an extremely successful and well-received launch, renowned sneaker brand New Balance is teaming up with Nine West to produce a second season of comfortable and stylish sneakers.

The two brands combined their knowledge on innovation, design and style for the collaboration, which first launched in spring 2009. The second season, with new styles starting to trickle in this fall, promises new, equally fashion-forward styles in a variety of bold colors.

Edek – An update on the popular Kiki style from spring, this hi-tech design features military-inspired waxed canvas uppers with metallic leather strap detailing. Available in two color combinations including: black/pewter and navy/copper. MSRP: $89.00.

Adapted – This hi-top is funky, edgy and cool. Available in three color combinations including: black/white/red, black/white/blue and black/white/hot pink.
MSRP: $89.00.
New Balance x Nine West Sneakers

RMC Limited Edition Luggage Collection

RMC Limited Edition Denim Luggague
Here’s a sneak peek at the New RMC Limited edition denim luggage collection due to land in early 2010. The luggage collection is made with the finest materials, including Japanese denim and the finest Italian leather. Contact for more information.

RMC Martin Ksohoh (aka RED MONKEY COMPANY), established 2002 in Hong Kong. . Directed by Martin Lee Yat Ming, the product design is based on the concept of exquisite embroidery stitching technique on denim garments The name Red Monkey Company abbreviated “RMC” and branded RMC Martin Ksohoh carries two connotative meanings. “Red” symbolizes the searing red sun as well as Oriental. Whereas, “Monkey” signifies evolution, of which apes evolved into human being. “Company” is the workshop consisted of creative persons, ideas and projects.

55DSL x adidas Originals T-Shirts

55DSL x adidas Originals T-Shirts
If you thought 55DSL and adidas Originals were going to stop with just a limited edition sneaker, then you’ve grossly underestimated their desire for maximum collaboration. In addition to bringing you 15 years of awesomeness via the XV/55 limited edition sneaker, they are also introducing five super cool t-shirts with cutting edge graphics that will blow your mind!

As part of the Experience Enhancer Device project, each t-shirt represents one of the five themes of the project. And each graphic, drawing inspiration from graffiti, pop art and urban attitude, tells an irreverent and cheeky tale.

Wildlife Conservation Society x Edun

Wildlife Conservation Society x Edun

For a limited time, when you make a $25 donation to The Wildlife Conservation Society, you’ll receive a $25 Gift Certificate from EDUN

Wildlife Conservation Society and Edun, an apparel company founded by Ali Hewson and U2 frontman Bono, established the Conservation Cotton Initiative (CCI). This collaboration aims to improve the livelihoods of communities in Africa by investing in sustainably harvested “conservation cotton.” The program promotes development of eco-friendly cotton farming around high biodiversity areas to enhance incomes and economic development, improve resource management, and protect wildlife.