Sugar Cane’s Whitesville Collection at DeeCee style
Zurich, Switzerland is home to DeeCee style which houses a treasure trove of exclusive brands including the legendary Sugar Cane jeans and the Whitesville Collection. For anyone looking for a jacket that stands out from the crowd you can’t beat a Whitesville.

Sugar Cane’s Whitesville Collection focuses on vintage sports and athletic wear from the Good Old Days, with a substantial emphasis on leather-sleeved Letterman Jackets. 2008 is the first year we have imported the Whitesville Collection to North America and this classic Letterman Jacket is at the heart of the collection. Sugar Cane has again surpassed all expectations with their Whitesville Collection of Letterman Jackets, utilizing vintage machinery and production techniques to manufacture garments that are in every way of the highest quality and that employ a keen attention to bygone detailing. While most of the Whitesville Letterman Jackets have a theme derived from bygone sports teams and athletic associations, this example is our personal favorite from the 2008 collection, based on the 1950’s Wild Child Motorcycle Club, evocative of the rebellious, bad-boy image personified in 1950’s Hollywood films by the likes of Marlon Brando, Lee Marvin and James Dean. This Whitesville Letterman Jacket is unlike anything you’ve ever encountered for sale before; not intended for the masses, the pedigree of this garment is truly a head-turning, jaw-dropping masterwork of prime exclusivity. Manufactured using only non-synthetic fibers, such as pure cotton or wool, and made to truly function, endure and keep you warm, just as the original examples once did and so unlike cheesy, look-a-like Letterman Jackets commonly found elsewhere for a fraction of the cost of this Sugar Cane Whitesville treasure. And just as with all the Whitesville Jackets, this example is a LIMITED EDITION produced in extremely small numbers and never to be repeated again beyond the 2008 season. That’s right – once this model sells out, that’s the end – no more will be made and the fortunate few who own one will have the added benefit and pride in knowing their purchase may appreciate in value and that they won’t likely see someone else wearing the same jacket in their travels. Get set to be blown away with this jacket in EVERY respect, from quality in vintage-style materials, weight, detailing, workmanship and artwork, to fit and styling. Please take note of these meticulously detailed bygone features found only on a Sugar Cane Whitesville Jacket:

Sugar Cane’s Whitesville Collection at DeeCee style

• Exact copy of the original Whitesville labeling and the Whitesville name chain stitched in the left pocket

• Premium, full-grain, 3.5-ounce, vegetable-tanned, aniline-dyed leather sleeves crafted from imported Italian hides

• All-wool chenille embroidery badges on chest and sleeves manufactured on vintage shuttle looms

• All-cotton chain-stitched lettering and embroidery on sleeves and jacket back – the entire artwork on back depicting the skull and bones, spider, spider web and the Wild Child Motor Co. name are all fully chain stitched or embroidered!

• Heavy-weight worsted-wool knit cuffs, collar and waistband; the collar and cuffs are doubled over, exactly as found on the original examples

• Custom manufacturing of the correct, heavy-weight all-wool jacket body produced on vintage looms

• Diamond-quilted inner lining manufactured from genuine rayon acetate and backed with all-wool fiber filling for increased warmth – no polyester or mixed blends are employed on this jacket

• Nickel-plated press studs on the frontal closure, with black-lacquered dome coverings.

If you’re ever in Zurich be sure to stop by at DeeCee style.

DeeCee style, Cadruvi trading AG, Talacker 21, CH – 8001, Zürich
Sugar Cane’s Whitesville Collection at DeeCee style