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Rivet De Cru Jeans brand based out of Los Angeles founded in late 2007, Was launched by long-time denim designer Ruben Dario Campos, an industry leader in quality and innovative jean manufacturing with over 18 years of Denim sales and design experience.

After many years of sales at the helm of Italian Denim Brand Parasuco Jeans, Ruben decided to venture out on his own. A decision that would decidedly change his life for the better, and put him well on his way to learning the art of premium denim design from scratch.

In 1999 a new option presented itself in an alliance with the RP55 Group, where he was able to successfully sharpen his skills in fabric selection, laundry and trim selections in order to create a brand that would become synonymous in the industry with great premium washes and a perfect fit, Azzure Denim was born. After almost a decade and a few brands later, Ruben once again felt the need for change and wanted to renew his first love, premium jeans.

Once again Ruben was now in a position to truly express himself and fill the void in the market with something he felt had been missing. From intricate washes, with destroy accents, carefully positioned hand brush areas and creases, he was now designing the jeans that would leave a timeless denim impression in our closets. Rivet De Cru which means vintage rivet in French, carries Ruben’s initials, a brand that finally would hold his seal of approval.

” We treat our jeans like paintings, using the denim as our canvas, the washes as our medium, and the premium denim lifestyle as our inspiration for our design, to create the perfect pair of jeans” … Ruben Campos

With striking washes and fresh new product every month, he has been able to sell to an international market and some of the leading boutiques in the United States. Combining a love for Americana West and Premium European Fashions, Rivet De Cru’s look and feel will separate it from your normal pair of jeans.