Eco-Fashion for Fashion Week

Bel Esprit, the online showroom for international fashion designers of ecological, fair trade, sustainable and responsible fashion, brings
together talented designers who create collections from couture to streetwear with respect for the world around them: organic fabrics, eco-friendly textile treatments and dyes, as well as purchasing materials, supplies and labor that provide a livable wage to farmers and workers in developing nations, or supporting local suppliers and artisans with fair wages and fair pricing. Nolcha the online fashion portal, has invited Bel Esprit to produce the first runway event of sustainable fashion during New York Fashion Week, September 14-17, 2009. Nolcha has produced runway events at New York Fashion Week for the past seven seasons to an enthusiastic audience, receiving extensive coverage. The runway event will be the culmination of several months of events and promotion, advertising the participating designers and building awareness about sustainable fashion and lifestyle.

This is a great opportunity for related sustainable businesses to showcase their products and services, not only to an “eco-friendly” audience, but also to a worldwide industry and consumer audience not familiar with the availability of sustainable products.

Nolcha Fashion Week: New York is being hosted by the Consulate General of the Czech Republic at the Consulate headquarters in New York. The participation of the current presidency of the European Union has raised this New York Fashion Week event to an international stage. The Bel Esprit event will give designers and sponsors the opportunity to participation in a high-profile event and spotlight their commitment to sustainability. Bel Esprit and the showroom designers will show the public that innovation; creativity and success are not quelled by a dedication to ethical business principles and products. In addition to the runway events, Nolcha presents a series of seminars to industry professionals. Bel Esprit and Nolcha will be organizing a seminar on sustainability issued for the fashion industry. Prominent sponsors of the Bel Esprit event will be invited to be part of the panel discussion.

The Bel Esprit offers designers of responsible fashion a platform to display their collections 24/7 to fashion industry professionals around the world, and provides marketing, promotion and sales services to help designers grow their business. Bel Esprit organizes group exhibits at international trade shows and events, enabling designers to participate at a shared cost. Bel Esprit offers designers, partners and sponsors opportunities to showcase their social and environmental responsibility with style.

There are still opportunities to be a part of this chic, high class, well-attended and publicized event. Please feel free to contact Bel Esprit for details.