Is Kenzo a la mode again?Is Kenzo a la mode again?

At the Kenzo show, French actor Andy Gillet said he turned manga for his latest movie, which was just released in South Korea. “It’s a kind of thriller, a little bit strange,” Gillet said, adding his next project is an Italian movie this spring. “I am playing a French guy who only speaks a little Italian, which is lucky,” he chuckled.

Actress Karine Viard said she would next hit the big screen in “Les Derniers Jours du Monde” (“The Last Days of the World”). “In it everyone thinks that life will never end. It’s a blend of humor and anguish,” she said, adding Burberry lent her outfits for the film. Next up, Viard plays a sister who, with her brother, prevents their father from falling in love with a homeless woman. “My look is an older person who still dresses like a teenager who really doesn’t take too much care about her appearance,” she said. Later, Viard attended Paul & Joe along with a shades-wearing Emmanuelle Béart.