‘Louis Vuitton  City Guide 2009Perfectly capturing the spirit of cities with words and imagination. Inspired writing, a pleasure to read and a feeling of discovery for a unique urban immersion. For ten years now, Louis Vuitton has been sharing its passion for travel and city life. Providing an attentive, informed commentary on the changes shaking the heart of cities and voicing off-beat views on fashion, design, the arts and gastronomy, each guide highlights the latest trends and offers unique advice.

Drawing on the talents of journalists and writers, the Louis Vuitton City Guide collection successfully and daringly combines traditional values with new aspects, traditional locations with extravagant ones, known with unknown and out of the ordinary.

Luxury and charming hotels, gourmet restaurants and local bistros, typical markets and delicatessens, antiquarians and designers, museums and fashion shops, essential or little-known monuments… with 36 international destinations and 10,000 addresses, the 2009 edition offers the traveller an insider’s guide into these cities.

The redesigned City Guide boxes reference the heritage of Louis Vuitton, drawing inspiration from a vintage luggage label of the kind hotel bellboys would affix to travellers’ trunks. While deep brown makes an appearance, adding its distinct character to the collection, the guide still features the bright colours that have become its trademark over the past ten years. Pistachio Green for the European cities, Royal Blue for Paris, Rosewood for Tokyo, Magenta for Mumbai, Buttercup for New York and Almond Green for Miami.