‘HUGO BOSS for UNICEFJoining Forces for Orphans in Malawi

More than 400,000 children in Malawi have lost their mother, father, or both to the AIDS epidemic. Given the rapid spread of the disease, countless families and village communities have no hope of coping. In many cases, AIDS has wiped out entire generations of parents.

An acute famine affecting about a third of the population has worsened their plight. Without external help, grandparents, aunts and neighbors have no way of giving children the care that they need. More and more girls and boys are left to cope on their own, with scarcely enough food to survive.

UNICEF is supporting communities so that they can tend to these children on their own – by funding voluntary organizations that run nurseries and help to look after orphans and the sick.

With your help, HUGO BOSS is supporting UNICEF in Malawi. Please express your own support for the agency’s work! For the first time, HUGO BOSS has decided to actively involve customers, partners and friends of the company in its charitable projects.

For every statement we receive, we will donate $1 to its aid efforts in Malawi. Simply complete the entry form on the linked website and tell us why, in your view, helping children who have lost their parents to AIDS is so important.