‘Acne Jeans + Acne PaperAcne Paper is published twice a year by Acne and is a collaboration between Acne Jeans, Acne Film, Acne Digital and Acne Creative.

Issue No 7 opens and ends with an extraordinary portfolio: A pair of 15th century tapestries were recently restored by the Royal Manufacturers De Wit in Mechelen. These two hangings are probably the most important from the late Middle Ages to have survived. The 20 page presentation consists of fragments which render the grandeur of the tapestries, telling in great intricacy and detail the mythological lifespan of the Macedonian king Alexander.

Other features in this issue includes: interviews with Nan Goldin, Dr. Valerie Steele, William Burlington, Richard Purdey, Rupert Thomas. Photographic work by Serge Leblon, Katerina Jebb and Richard Burbridge.