55DSL Clothing Fall Winter '08 collection
55DSL the Italian streetwear brand 55DSL related to Diesel, shares their Fall Winter ’08 collection.

The graphic story of 55DSL’s Fall Winter ’08 collection was inspired by hi-fidelity stereo equipment and twisted references to the late 80’s. Quirky audiocassette graphics, as well as old LP covers, are corrupted with our usual irreverence. Besides the main theme, we still haven’t freed ourselves from our habitual obsession with dynamic and abstract geometric graphics – sometimes softened up by mimicking a hand-drawn style.

Three saturated colours feature in this collection: hot-red, turquoise and purple. These lie alongside the more seasonal colours of military green, grey and white – two T-shirt programs are presented only in white to give maximum relief to the prints.

Our silhouettes are polarized between super-slim and wildly oversize, especially in the pants collection, with a wide range on offer: from the super slim fit of the coloured gabardine, to the extra loose of our oversize raw-denim jeans.

55DSL Clothes Fall Winter '08 collection

As usual we’ve presented a thoroughly complete range of jackets. Lightweight sport jackets, such as our dip-dyed program, are augmented by new heavyweight options – including a pair of aggressive jackets in tough aviation-style satin and a seen-to-be-believed military parka named Jagg for male and Jagg-FL for female! The spotlight however, is on our new FiftyFifty5 range, positioned halfway between our jacket and sweatshirts – They’re comfortable lightweight garments with a slim silhouette, worn like a sweat but offering the protection of a jacket. Wearable all year round, an ideal range for city use when you’re constantly swapping between in and outdoors. The highlight of this range is a sublimation printed check on a polyester piquet, lined in black sports mesh. In addition we developed another light weight multi purpose jacket with a sublimatic all-over print, containing all ingredients of the seasonal graphics.

The denim collection has increased fourfold this season, consistently growing in response to its increasing success. The extreme fit of our slim models has led to about a third of our fabrics being stretch or at least comfort. Coloured denim has been a real hit for 55DSL in the past and continues this season with a selection of both bright and more sober earthy hues. A new quality of coloured lurex denim is available for the party crowd. Black is featured in an array of interpretations, from resin coated black/black, black spray on grey, unwashed stretch and acid wash. Blue denim represents about half the collection and goes from unwashed organic to ripped vintage  finishes.

This season’s pants collection becomes more varied than ever before, with an accentuation of our “proprietary” silhouette featuring a wide leg with a rib finish on the bottom – which nips in the silhouette in round the ankles. Fabrics range from roller-painted broken twill, micro-herringbone jacquard, cotton/nylon double-face and street-map-camouflage (which is based on a street map of our home town, Marostica.) A more frivolous “dancing ladies”- camouflage in the same colour range, is available for our girls. A couple of sturdy but sexy all-in-ones are the must haves for this season’s fashionados  .

Our sweats are an eclectic mix, from rugged looking military hoodies, to refined melange sweats lined in satin – a kind of street chic. Sweats with detachable details in nylon and a sophisticated stretch quality complete the offer. Shirts are similarly diverse, with a series of hooded models and a stunning check – hand sprayed with in a range of bright, strong colours.

Tees and polo shirts are in many ways the focal point of our collections and as usual the offer is immense. Process (CYMK) printed pima cotton – an ultra high quality cotton – lies beside sublimation printed melange, irregularly died jersey, ultra shiny interlock and heavy cotton/hemp jersey. Each program has a dedicated tailor-made graphic style of its own. A new addition to this part of the collection is 10.55. A limited-edition series of Tees designed by internationally sourced artists. Each season 55DSL will select 5 artists from around the globe and give them total freedom to design their exclusive graphic to be printed on a 55DSL T-shirt. The selected artists for FW’08 are: Brosmind (Spain), Andrew Rementer (USA), Luke Insect (UK), Arthur King (France) and Komatsu 1000 (UK).
In addition a small series of sublimatic printed mesh was designed for the girls collection, by our very talented in house graphic artist Rinii (GR).

This season we are proud to announce a series of creative collaborations with two high-profile brands. KWAY, the renowned French company famous for their iconic ‘80s anoraks, has worked with 55DSL to develop a co-branded special edition version of their classic KWAY jacket. For FW’08 it’s presented in two stark colours – black and red – with both the companies’ logos on the front and a 55DSL graphic on the back. NEW ERA, a brand famous worldwide for their baseball caps, has also been chosen for a collaboration with 55DSL. They’re producing three co-branded caps for us: two with our shield logo embroidery and one in our camouflage. All three carry their trade-mark gold sticker on the peak of each cap. Both collaborations were carefully chosen to highlight our shared brand heritage and values.