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May 2008

Christian Dior – Sharon Stone

Christian Dior - Sharon Stone French fashion house Christian Dior said Thursday it has dropped Sharon Stone from its Chinese ads and released a statement from the actress apologizing for saying China’s earthquake may have been bad karma for its treatment of Tibet.
The 50-year-old actress said she was “deeply sorry” for causing anguish and anger among Chinese people with her remarks in an interview last week. Stone models for Christian Dior SA, and the company’s Shanghai office issued the statement.

Stone’s comments caused considerable anger in the Chinese media. The official Xinhua News Agency said in a commentary Thursday she was the “public enemy of all mankind.”

The public relations manager for Dior in Shanghai who gave only her surname, Guo, said Stone would no longer appear in the company’s advertisements in China.

Moschino Clothing in New York

Moschino Clothing in New YorkFollowing the opening of their store in Beijing, Moschino is heading to the Meatpacking District to open its New York flagship.

This fall the designer label, which is part of the Aeffe Group SpA, will unveil a boutique at 401 West 14th Street in what used to be a local landmark, the former Quality Meats building. Moschino’s home has 2,500 square feet with 40 feet of frontage on the north side of 14th Street.

Following some lean years on the fashion scene this looks like a true statement of intention from one of the fashion greats.

Red Monkey, Q&A

Below is Martin Ksohoh’s, AKA Red Monkey, replies to a Question & Amswer interview by the South China Morning Post:
Red Monkey Q&A


Eco FashionWith the growing trend in eco-fashion comes much misleading marketing. The truth is there are a great many brands with true ecologicial credentials like NOHARM, Sugar Cane, Loomstate, Kohzo to name a few but there are also a great many other brands who are simply looking to make a buck off the latest trend. Venessa Lau shares some insightful thoughts:
When it comes to the green movement, Miguel Adrover knows exactly where he stands. And please don’t use the word trend. “It’s all about marketing now,” he said of the eco-craze blanketing the industry. “We need to distinguish between trend and real life.” At a Tuesday presentation of his debut collection for the Germany-based Hess Natur, Adrover noted that the company, for which he’s now creative director, has both “an ecological approach as well as a sociological one.” And indeed, the business uses many organic materials and belongs to the Grameen Foundation, an organization that’s a proponent of microcredit as a means of fighting poverty.

Stitch’s Jeans

Stitch's JeansStitch’s Jeans are making an impact in the denim world. Here’s some info on this up and coming brand:

 The creator of Stitch’s (R&D Surplus), Albert Dahan, is brightening up the denim world with a lot of news for fall-winter. Stitch’s, steeped in “Rock n’ Roll” style, began with premium denim for men and women and has now expanded its product line to include embellished denim, brushed twill, crushed velvet, leather jackets and new washes and colors reflecting the change in season.

The collection, described as classy and crisp, mixes sophisticated rocker style and a dressy quality. Known for its original brass hardware, Stitch’s will introduce new self-colored buttons and rivets for this collection, in addition to self and contrast stitching on all corduroy. Also new is the smaller, more feminine pocket for women with a petite Stitch’s patch. Stitch’s will re-invent the denim market by providing clean, raw and colored denim. As the denim market evolves, Stitch’s leads the pack by offering the latest in styles, washes and fabrics.

Classic styles, such as the “Maya”, “Cheyenne” and “Seminole”, will be offered in updated fabrics. The men’s line keeps in stride with the women’s by offering new denim styles such as: “Louisiana”, “Arizona” and “Tennessee”. The Stitch’s denim and leather collections are sold in limited quantities at select specialty stores in the United States, Europe and Asia.
Stitch's Jeans

Counterfeit Clothing = Terrorism

Counterfeit Clothing = TerrorismFollowing Kitmeout’s report that fake clothing is supporting terrorism in 2006:, Reuters have issued the following update:

“NEW YORK (Reuters) – New York City, long a place where counterfeit watches and fake designer handbags are sold on street corners, is unveiling an ad campaign warning consumers of the human cost of indulging in knockoffs.
The city will display 50 black, yellow and red posters in tourist spots like Times Square and Chinatown over the next two months with the message, “The Real Price of Counterfeit Goods.”

“When you buy counterfeit goods, you support child labor, drug trafficking, organized crime and even worse,” one version reads. Another says that buyers have cost the city $1 billion per year in lost tax revenue.

The money could have funded “10,000 new cops, 10,000 new firefighters, 10,000 new teachers,” Deputy New York City Mayor Edward Skyler said.

The United States says China is the No. 1 offender when it comes to counterfeit goods. Others include South Korea, Pakistan and India.

The campaign, which starts on Monday, estimates the global trade in counterfeit goods at $650 billion per year including $80 billion in New York City alone.

U.S. authorities have said one group sells counterfeit goods including fake Viagra to support the Lebanese group Hezbollah, which Washington lists as a terrorist organization.

The group behind the 2004 train bombings in Madrid that killed 191 people was partly funded by the sale of illegal compact discs, New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

“Do American consumers want their hard-earned money to support terrorism? Or child labor? Or drug trafficking?” Harper’s Bazaar magazine, a co-sponsor of the campaign, said in a statement.

“As frightening as it may seem, that is exactly what is happening whenever a counterfeit DVD, handbag or any other product is knowingly purchased,” the fashion publication said.” 

Acne Trainers

Acne TrainersThis classic shoe, which is available in both a high-top and a low-top version, takes its cue from a marriage between an archetypal Tretorn sneaker worn by tennis legend Björn Borg and a specific gym shoe used by the Chinese military in the 1960s and subsequently dug out of a New York vintage store.


Made in England by Griffin“Griffin moved out of London 7 years ago into the countryside, this brought about a different approach and outlook on life.

At Griffin we’re working closer to home; yes we still manufacture in Italy because they have different skills to those found in the UK.

I have been looking for new and old manufactures based in England who still have the traditional skills that are reflected in patterns, fabrics and construction – quality.

We are promoting today just 2 of our MADE IN ENGLAND products.

The Griffin British re-shaped Rugby short sleeve shirt which was made close to Nottingham. It has a cut away collar with a stand construction and plays with the British army camo detail underneath.  The quality is great; trust me I have 3 of them, it’s a great change to the t-shirt and can be worn under any jacket.

The  Baracuta G9 jacket was made in London . It is black on the outside with the Griffin embroidery and the reverse has British army camo . We always love the inside out idea, this is why we have left the Baracuta label on.

Next season we have developed and expanded the “Made in England” range even further”.

Jeff Griffin

Diesel Red x Hedi Slimane

Diesel Red x Hedi Slimane“Sources said talks between representatives of Renzo Rosso of Diesel and Hedi Slimane took place as recently as this past weekend, but Slimane’s people insist no deal has been made — and may never be. Following reports Slimane may be tapped to design Diesel’s new Red Collection, one of his representatives told WWD that the former Dior Homme creative director has “no interest at all in Renzo Rosso’s group, let alone Diesel.” ” WWD

Nike Rejuven8 Trainers

Nike Rejuven8 TrainersAt a Thanksgiving dinner in 1999, a NIKE innovation leader’s seven-year-old son took the protective fruit net off an Asian pear and placed it around his bare foot. It was a playful gesture that immediately sparked the imagination of NIKE’s design team, spawning the first Air Rejuven8 prototype—built from the very same netting and hot-glued to a last. What intrigued designers about the structure was the way the material worked in harmony with the foot’s shape, as well as its graphic look. But, at the time, the technology required to make the Air Rejuven8 was too complex for conventional shoe manufacturing. Its various prototypes ended up at the bottom of a drawer for nearly five years, out of sight, but not out of mind.

In 2003, Nike innovation designer Pam Greene was studying the comfort aspects of a shoe: important foundation work for delivering recovery benefits to the feet of weary athletes. Greene immediately saw potential in the netting design, working out a tangible plan for the shoe’s construction. After six months researching materials and geometries for the net structure, Pam, a specialist in designing comfort footwear, crafted the shoe into a prototype phase that showed a unique ability to assist recovery and enable restorative running. After an additional year of testing and refinement by the Kitchen team, the Air Rejuven8 concept was ready to see the light of day.

The key innovation of the Air Rejuven8 is its injection-molded exterior cage. Made from one shot of TPU polymer, the network of diamond-shaped “struts” is engineered and aligned to fit around the foot to be both supportive and non-restrictive. The spacing, orientation, and thickness of each strut adds support and flex only where it is needed, allowing the use of less material in the upper. The strength-to-flex characteristic of the diamond’s geometry gives the structure its minimal, yet highly functional quality. The entire network conforms dynamically to the changing shape of the athlete’s foot in motion and at rest, while the openness of the structure allows for airflow, breathability, and the movement of moisture away from skin needed in comfort footwear.
Nike Rejuven8 Trainers

Ijin vs Ninja denim collaboration

Ijin vs Ninja denim collaboration ” Ijin versus Ninja “  is the working title of an exclusive garment collaboration between two independent and free spirited creative labels: Ijin Material , the left field denim label designed by Philip Goss,  presents two limited edition dry ” Ninjin ” legs “, designed exclusively for Ninja Tune , the hugely influential london based record label, whose artiste collective offers such legendary names  as Coldcut , and whose regular Solid Steel radio show mixes are aural collectors items.

These dry denim jeans are produced in a unique run of only 200 pieces, and are offered in a choice of embroidered logo back pockets :  “Ninja Mask” or “Swarm of Eyes” .

The “Ninjin “ leg is a regular fit ,12 ounce , ring/ring denim leg, offered in 2  denim colours  : blue-black indigo & black denim.  They are cut using the innovative “wrap-leg “ cutting technique , specialised by Ijin Material , where the outseam of the leg is cut folded & the hip fitting is sewn into the waist with a dart.

Basically each leg is cut as one piece, leaving no out seam below the knee & consequently a totally clean-finish chainstitched hem , when turned up. The trademark top button is always hidden , the coin pocket is reinforced with specially sewn mini ninja mask rivets , inside seams are taped & they even come with double leather waist labels.

The mini range includes two sweat shirt and two tee shirt designs and is initially available from the Ninja Tune web store & selected outlets from May onwards , while stocks last.
Ijin vs Ninja denim collaboration

Rich Yung Jeans & Clothing

Rich Yung Jeans & ClothingRich Yung Society Clothing was officially launched in 2006 by Brooklyn rapper John “Fabolous” Jackson.

Known for setting some of Hip Hop cultures biggest trends in the years between 2000 to 2005, Fabolous spoke of wanting to create his own brand minimally. Rich Yung Society clothing was the realization of those words, making the words ‘words do come true’ a timeless classic.

Misspelled by some as Rich Young, RichYung, and YungRich, the official brand name is Rich Yung Society clothing. Fabolous gave the clothing brand the name Rich Yung in thought of a lifestyle and not just a Hip Hop clothing brand title. Rich Yung Society clothing is supposed to embrace a culture of people that are ever-expanding in experience and willing to try things usually stereotyped to a the rich, young, and luxurious trend setters of the world.

Artists from all walks of Hollywood and international fame have been seen in the Rich Yung Society Clothing line. Some of the most popular photos on-line for Rich Yung Society clothing show Hip Hop related celebrities such as Atlanta Rappers TI and Young Jocc wearing the line.

International beat box and vocal instrumentalist “Anointed One,” has also been a poster child for the Rich Young Society clothing line. Photos of the New York native can be seen on-line of him in Rich Yung Society clothing, while performing in countries such as Australia and Europe, while on tour.

At some point in 2006, John Fabolous Jackson tapped an unknown jeweler to create a bulky, diamond covered chain and charm from the Rich Young Society clothing’s logo mold. Rumored to be stolen at one point, the Rich Yung Society chain and charm are constantly seen being worn by Fabolous in videos and media appearances, reflecting light brilliantly.

Rich Yung Society clothing is definitely in high demand internationally. The clothing line’s products have not been kept in stock on any SoJones known web sites. Even the official Rich Yung Society catalogue shop remains selling out briefly after launch of new goods, due to message boards spreading the news like blowing wildfire.

Rich Young Society retail prices start around $75. The Rich Yung T-shirts-shirts start and that price, while Rich Yung hoodies have been seen retailing on-line and in the streets of New York for well over $200 each.

By the end of 2007, Expansion of Rich Young Society clothing is expected by SoJones. Fabolous has made over $100 million dollars for the Mitchell and Ness retro sports apparel company just by wearing their product. Rich Young Society clothing has the same potential with the right backers, and it would only make sense someone offered to silently back the line, making it a retail brand that populates street wear stores internationally.

Hugo Boss – Brand Profiles

Hugo Boss Clothing - Brand ProfilesConcerning talk on Kitmeout about the different Hugo Boss Labels, the following are the official HUGO BOSS Brand Profiles.

HUGO BOSS is represented in the fashion market by the BOSS and HUGO brands. These brand collections and their fashion lines are aimed at various target groups, creating a brand world of extraordinary fashion diversity at a constantly high level of quality.The BOSS Black, BOSS Selection, BOSS Orange and BOSS Green lines as well as the accompanying accessory collections are all part of the core BOSS brand.

BOSS Black
The womens- and menswear collections in the BOSS Black line offer versatile fashion ranges with a rich array of elegant “modern classics” in business-, leisure- and formalwear: perfect looks that satisfy the most demanding tastes and accentuate the wearer’s personality.

BOSS Selection
Positioned in the upper market segment, the luxurious BOSS Selection menswear line represents the premium world in the BOSS brand universe. The interplay of sophisticated design, exclusive materials and beautiful tailoring guarantees clothing of the highest standard for customers of distinction.

BOSS Orange
The BOSS Orange collections offer leisurewear for men and women who enjoy dressing in style and sporting surprising looks. Unconventional material mixes, a playful approach to proportions, and contrasting colors and patterns appeal to a savvy clientele that delights in experimentation.

BOSS Green
BOSS Green presents golf- and sportswear for men that pairs classic cuts with refreshing designs in brand new constellations. The line successfully bridges the gap between fashionable sports apparel and sportswear fashions.

HUGO delivers unconventional looks for men and women: clothes that are progressive yet never overstated. The collections feature architectonic lines and new takes on classic shapes. By offering trendsetting design and superior quality, HUGO satisfies the high expectations of´its fashion-conscious customers.