Louis Vuitton Fakes! Following Louis Vuitton’s valiant efforts to combat counterfeiting of their prestigeous brand, Louis Vuitton continues to be the most counterfeited designer brand in the world. As the preeminent fashion status symbol it is perhaps of no great surprise that Louis Vuitton has the unenviable position.

Nevertheless, Louis Vuitton has a tenacious legal team who vigorously pursue all counterfeit criminals wherever they maybe and have a no-nonsense approach to dealing with these individuals, who are invariably engaged in all kinds of base criminality from illegal weapons trading to human trafficking.

“The momentum we are gaining in our relentless fight against counterfeiting is tremendous, not only in the US but also in other marketplaces worldwide,” said Nathalie Moulle Berteaux, Director of the Intellectual Property Department for the Fashion & Leather Goods division of LVMH. “By working closely with law enforcement authorities and other trademark holders and compelling those aiding and abetting counterfeiters to accept responsibility for the counterfeiters’ criminal actions, we are putting a stranglehold on the distribution of fake goods.”