Ksubi Relaunch‘MINI BUGER’ & ‘PICKLE’, 2008

In the ‘The Bombed Mache’, a backyard mortuary of disposable needs stands ‘Mini Burger’ & ‘Pickle’. The four-metre high sculpture comprises of two 1972 used Austin Mini cars, two Austin Mini car bonnets, five car tyres and truck tyre.

Created by the ksubi collective, the sculpture was built as a reaction to the disposability of used cars and car parts, and how they can be made into useful things like hamburgers. ‘Mini Burger’ & ‘Pickle’ stands in courtyard of ksubi’s Melbourne store, the same site where infamous ‘Sign of the Times’ sculpture once stood, before stolen and destroyed late last year.

The sculpture was created for the ‘High Art’ event, a multi-venue exhibition on High Street, Armadale during the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (3rd – 9th March, 2008).

ksubi’s signature tongue-in-cheek style, imbued with irony, has elevated the brand to “cult” status, and assisted in gaining global recognition for its clothing and aesthetic.

March 2008, for the first time in its eight-year history, ksubi will relaunch its online store.

A juxtaposition of complexity and simplicity, the site manifests a non-directional and straightforward search engine design format, complete with keyword searches and pop-up windows.

The decision to promote and make available ksubi product online was encouraged by demand, and gives an incisive visual narrative into the brand’s history, projects, collections, as well as stockists and distributors. Most significantly, classic ksubi—from denim, fashion, eyewear, books and limited editions objects, can now be purchased online.