Nooka watch of the future In addition to being a fashionable conversation piece, the Nooka Zirc keeps time – the 12 dots represent hours and the horizontal row counts minutes. The Nooka Zirc was designed for creative individuals who are looking for more from their fashion accessories, or more from their timepieces.  As a fashion accessory it is not only eye-catching, but also practical.  As a timepiece its unique case design and intuitive display separate it from other timepieces available today.
The wide 45mm by 35mm display is unique because the strap is off-center. This should make the watch more comfortable to wear since the display rests on the arm and is away from the hand.  Currently available for left arm wearers, an adjustable Zirc that can be modified for use on the right arm will be available in late 2008. The Nooka logo is deep-etched into either side of the case.  The mode buttons become part of the logo by rising from inside the infinity sign.  Modes: Time, Date and Alarm.