Live Mechanics 2008 CollectionLive Mechanics is a streetwear brand that expresses it’s pain, passion, and progress in a creative form through it’s detailed crafted apparel.

Live Mechanics commissioned Metal Cells Studio to direct the visual outlook of the upcoming 08′ Collection campaign. The mission was to create a modern outlook with minimalistic urban elements emphasizing on apparel photography. Live Mechanics was impressed with the new design and creative efforts of Metal Cells Studio. Metal Cells Studio will be launching more productions with Live Mechanics soon.

Spawned from the fusion of street and music, and energized by the creative spirit, a new breed of style is born. Shaking up reality through art, music and an appreciation of life’s challenges, Live Mechanics has been a force in the world of street couture since 2000; offering a new conscious line bound for revolutionary achievement.

Created to be an answer to the fast changing climate in today’s world of street wear. Live Mechanics started as most great sportswear companies do by printing tees and sweatshirts and building a strong grassroots following in its California home base through our familiarity with our customer base and our marketing expertise. Since this time we have taken our flare for graphics and moved to a full scale line.

Our strength lies in the multicultural group of individuals that work closely to leverage a passion for putting together creative graphics and our eye for directional fashion design and the ability to interpret imagery inspired by the real world into our garments in a way that is fresh, unique, and speaks to our market place.