Creative Recreation Shoes = Exclusivity!Creative Recreation was officially launched in Orange County, California in the Fall 2002. The founders of Creative Recreation noticed a huge void in the footwear market. Everyone was offering either dress shoes to be worn with a suit or athletic inspired sneakers that were not acceptable at most functions for the Creative Recreation lifestyles. No one was offering footwear to young professionals with style. Two long Time friends who were already enjoying a prosperous career in the footwear industry decided they would be the ones to change the game.

Creative Recreation is kept as limited as possible. Creative Recreation want their clientele to know that when they buy a pair of Creative Recreation the chances of seeing someone else rocking the same shoes are highly unlikely. For each color and style in their line they only make an average of 90 to 500 pair worldwide. Constantly trying to revolutionize footwear style Creative Recreation will continue to push the “bourgeois sneaker”.

Many people have difficulties understanding what category Creative Recreation footwear falls into. That has been the best compliment to the founders. “We don’t want to be put into any category, were a footwear company! We make shoes for our lifestyle, rather we make shoes for life with style”.