Ben Sherman 2008 “In 1963, Ben Sherman began producing his iconic shirts in Brighton, England. During the 70s, 80s and 90s the Ben Sherman button-down check shirt became the ultimate cultural icon through its adoration and adoption by Punk, Mod and Britpop movements. Today, Ben Sherman has evolved from its 60s shirt focus and now presents a complete lifestyle offering to the global market.

Ben Sherman’s Autumn 08 Global design theme takes inspiration from great British luxury, acknowledging the British tradition for attention to detail, premium design and quirkiness. And of course Ben Sherman gives everything its mod twist to make it contemporary and relevant.
‘The Getaway’ sees the Ben Sherman mod leaving the city. Mixing city sharpness with casual, we dress down the suit and mix tailoring with knitwear and smart shirts with track tops. ‘The Game’- indulging in great British elitist winter sports fishing and shooting with the attire to match. Waxed jackets, tartan influenced shirts, twill dogtooth porkpie hats, heavier knitwear and hunter wellies. ‘The Guestlist’ – up to the alpine resport for a party. Here dinner jackets are worn over shiny track tops, ski inspired light weight nylons over striped polos for the drive. Fine guage mod roll necks worn under double breasted melton coats for the walk from bar to bar.”