Addict Clothing - True British Streetwear In recent years Addict clothing has emerged as one of the leading British Streetwear brands. Their uncompromising dedication to streetwear style is undoubtedly the basis for their success.

What initially started with 1 logo, 4 tee shirt prints and a dream in 1994 of creating a British Streetwear brand has slowly but surely become reality over the last 10 years…Addict with its direct approach has built its reputation on solid foundations through the consistent production of clean, minimally branded, functional mens and womens clothing with fine attention to detail attracting the support of some of the finest stores.

Addict remains an independently designer owned and led company producing all its clothing and patterns in-house, letting the brand evolve naturally rather than bending to fit in with fashion. Outside assistance comes from a handful of UK’s most influencial designers, typographers and artists, Swifty, She One, Mr Jago, C-Law are all regular contributors.

One thing that becomes apparent under closer scrutiny is the quality of high profile collaborative projects that the brand already has under its belt, limited Vans shoes, camouflage G-Shock watches, SPY Optic Goggles, jointly designed pieces with ONETrueSaxon, and an impressive set of camouflage snowboards with Endeavor in Canada, the list goes on.

Music remains a strong influence within the brand and ‘ABC’ or The Addict Beats Collective arm of the company embraces a cross section of musical genres with high level support from the likes of The Nextmen, Rodney P and Skitz, London Electricity/Hospital records, Stanton warriors, LSK, Big Bud, Genna G, Maxi Jazz/Faithless and Part-Time Heroes.