Blue Blood Jeans A/W 08 Collection BLUE BLOODS AW08 COLLECTION IS INSPIRED BY THE RESSURGENCE OF VINTAGE CLOTHING/ICONIC pieces that they have rebuilt with the passion of the originals and then delicately modernized and upgraded to suit modern tastes. The full collection is a celebration of classic style and this was inspired by studying a foundation of classic pieces and bringing them back to life. Both the men’s and ladies collections are littered with classic pieces of inspiration from the 50’s/60’s/70’s and 80’s including Military, Industrial Uniforms, Active Sportswear and Denim Archives. Examples include 1960’s Fire Brigade Melton Smocks, 1950’s Officers’ Uniforms, 1980’s Tracksuits and 1970’s 501’s.

COLLABORATION–“BLUE BLOOD & NIGEL CABOURN” :” 10 ICONIC PIECES “ These 10 pieces are the headline for the collection. Together they scoured Nigel’s archive to select the finest Blue Blood complementary pieces thus creating a perfect capsule collection of ’ Winter Classics ‘. The inspiration is global – BRITISH FISH TAIL PARK (1943) – AMERICAN B10 BOMBER (1939) – GERMAN FIELD PANT (1916) -FRENCH FIRST AID JACKET (1942) are just a few examples. The collaboration is completed with a perfect balance of jackets, pants, knitwear and accessories. The complete story is exclusively hand made in England, Scotland and Japan.