G-Star Jeans + The G-Star Denim Mission Denim is the essence of the G-Star brand. It expresses individuality and accentuates a state of mind. Whether it brings a raw edge to formal wear or gives that elegant touch to leisure wear, it is always an addition to ones personality. It gives you a pure and raw edge.

G-Star admire the retiring nature of denim and have made it their quest to continuously explore the many aspects and possibilities of what G-Star believes is the most beautiful raw material to work with. G-Star are into denim and that drives them to continuously experiment with it, developing innovative treatment techniques, unconventional designs and looking beyond the G-Star jeans collections for the use of denim in new ways.

With know how that G-Star acquired over the years and the craftsmanship that G-Star have developed, G-Star is trying to contribute to the development of denim. It is a journey that will continue through time, always respecting and honoring the product. With their collections G-Star present to you the results of that continuous journey.