Kitmeout has been informed by Martin Ksohoh that there are a growing number of fake RMC Martin Ksohoh garments on the market. The RMC x Wu Tang jeans below were bought as a test purchase from an online store in the USA by Martin and 1001 and they are reputedly unofficial garments:

1) Martin is inspecting the jeans:
RMC Jeans

2) Martin doesn’t look too happy:
Martin KsohohJeans

3) Martin is pointing his finger at the jeans in disappointment:
RMC Red Monkey

4) Inspecting the selvedge on the jeans. Red selvedge is reputedly never used on original RMC Jeans:
Red Monkey Jeans

5) Martin is looking disappointed having inspected the selvedge and the denim:
Wu Tang Jeans

6) Martin giving the thumbs down to the jeans:
RMC Martin Ksohoh Jeans

7) Again Martin giving the thumbs down on these jeans in front of the official RMC Martin Ksohoh logo:
Red Monkey