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July 2007

Seven Jeans, Going, Going, Gone!

Seven for All Mankind Jeans, Sold! VF Corp has acquired Seven for All Mankind a leading premium denim brand for an estimated $775 million! Eric Wiseman, VF’s president said: “A business like Seven For All Mankind, it’s clearly a lifestyle brand, clearly has international potential and it has a great direct-to-consumer opportunity. We weren’t really in the premium jeans space and we don’t have a big portfolio of contemporary brands, but we were looking for a platform to build from. We think Seven, positioned in Los Angeles, will be a great platform for us.”

The question now is how will VF Corp grow the Seven for All Mankind brand to justify the $775 million price tag?

Greedy Genius x Barneys New York

Greedy Genius x Barneys New York This is the third shoe of the series to come out from Greedy Genius x Barneys New York. This shoe consist of black patent leather with black lux leather and silver foil. These shoes will be sold exclusively at all Barney NY stores. Limited to only 150 pairs. These sneakers are in stores now.

K-Swiss Trainers + Free Running

K-Swiss Trainers + Free Running The K-Swiss Ariake is the first shoe inspired by and designed specifically for Free Running. Worn by one of the founding fathers of Free Running Sebastien Foucan, the Ariake pioneers an entirely new category of original urban sneakers.

Sebastien Foucan, who is now a K-Swiss Brand Ambassador, was one of the pioneers of free running that originated in Paris. The star of free running films Jump London and Jump Britain, Sebastien recently wowed the world with his skills in the opening scene from Casino Royale when he was chased by 007 Daniel Craig through a breathtaking array of obstacles.

Bold, technical and fashionable, K-Swiss named the Ariake after the renowned Free Running hotspot in Tokyo. The design of the shoe utilises the insight of the activity from some of the world’s top Free Runners, to produce something that’s not just fashionable but also highly functional.

The shoe combines material toughness from a single piece that is virtually impossible to break, with a revolutionary outsole designed for running coupled with K-Swiss shock spring technology to cushion the feet and support the knees during landings. 

The Ariake also has an advanced heel grip and sticky rubber sole that will give Free Runners extra stability when tricking, along with an ingenious D-ring lacing system and a hidden pocket for tucking laces away to avoid tripping.

For the first time ever, K Swiss has taken the step of changing their iconic five stripes logo – first designed in 1966 – to characterise the Free-Running spirit. The five stripes on the Ariake now signify the ‘Over – Under – Through’ element of Free Running. 

K-Swiss is now dedicating itself to the heart of the free running community with plans to run a series of regional free running workshops across the UK, collaborating with Team Traceur – the UK’s most prolific free running team – and Sebastien Foucan to help Free Running grow in the UK without losing its independence and positive philosophy.   The Ariake is rooted in the heritage of Free Running but is also its future.

Rocawear Clothing + Jay-Z

Rocawear Clothing + Jay-Z Shawn Carter, aka “Jay-Z”,  will not lose, apparently.

“I Will Not Lose embodies the spirit of Rocawear,” Jay-Z explained of the slogan, which is also a lyric taken from “Change the Game,” a single from his first album. “It is about a culture and an attitude that showcases survival. I like to see this campaign as a sort of reintroduction of the brand, but it’s also about more than just models in the clothing.”

“A lot of hip-hop has been viewed as very commercial, but the underlying spirit of hip-hop is to transcend where you came from and make a positive impact on the world,” Jones said. “Whether it’s by capturing money, fame or respect, the driving desire of this culture is to make its mark. The new Rocawear campaign does a great job of expressing that.”

Thom Browne Clothing for Women

Thom Browne ventures into Women's clothing Said Thom Browne of his Women’s Capsule Collection: “I have seen private female customers really from the beginning,” he added “The project with Brooks Bros. pushed me to do it for myself, but I have been wanting to do it for a long time.” The Thom Browne Women’s Capsule Collection will be available at Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman, Jeffrey New York and Colette in Paris this fall. The Collection reflects Browne’s men’s wear with his signature details such as short, shrunken jackets and trousers that fall above the ankle. If things proceed as planned it won’t be long before the ladies enjoy a full Thom Browne collection.

Levi Jeans + Damien Hirst

Levi Jeans + Damien Hirst Damien Hirst, the world’s most successful living artist, is lending his talents to Levi Strauss on a new project. Hirst is collaborating with Levis on the spring 2008 collection of the company’s Warhol Factory X Levi’s label. The collection is only available at high-end retailers such as Barney’s New York and priced between $190-$250 for jeans and $80-$300 for tops.

The collection will be introduced in a runway show during New York Fashion Week in September, showing under the name Warhol Factory X Levi’s X Damien Hirst. This is bound to be controversial!

Ethical Footwear by NOHARM

Ethical Footwear by NOHARM NOHARM synergises High Fashion and Ethical Consumerism. NOHARM recognises these two terms are no longer mutually exclusive and the synergy of fashion and ethics is consumer driven by a powerful and wide demographic. “Ethical consumerism” is a term gaining support and recognition at an exponential rate. The growing demand for cruelty-free, eco-conscious, environmentally-friendly and fair-trade products is placing an onus on the fashion industry to look towards socially and ethically responsible materials and production methods. NOHARM is at the vanguard of this new era and is proud and honoured to introduce an exciting range of high fashion, cruelty-free, vegan footwear for the discerning and ethically responsible consumer.
NOHARM is dedicated to offering stylish, high fashion, vegan footwear able to sit comfortably next to the most exclusive traditional brands in terms of style, character and quality. All NOHARM products are hand-crafted in Italy. NOHARM conducts business with an established Italian manufacturer. NOHARM is strongly opposed to child-labour and worker exploitation. NOHARM is committed to ethically and socially responsible employment practices. All NOHARM footwear has a unique lining designed to dissipate perspiration and drastically reduce odor. All ingredients and components used to manufacture NOHARM footwear are meticulously researched to ensure the finished product conforms to Vegan Society standards: NOHARM is a proud recipient of the Vegan Society Trademark. All NOHARM footwear is  carefully packaged in biodegradable boxes which are printed with environmentally-friendly ink.
The inaugural NOHARM exclusive vegan footwear collection consists of 14 styles, including: i) The NOHARM leather-free lace-up ankle boot easily compares with the most exclusive traditional designer brands. The style is clean and elegant and reflects a smart-casual and sophisticated lifestyle choice. The boot could easily be worn to “dress-up” a pair of jeans or conversely compliment a pair of trousers for a smart-casual event. ii) The NOHARM leather-free slip-on shoe has all the character, style and quality of the most exclusive traditional leather brands. The style is sharp and elegant and will compliment a designer suit or designer trousers within either a social or business environment. iii) The NOHARM leather-free hidden-lace shoe is for the discerning, style-conscious, man seeking an added touch of flair. The contemporary, avant-garde, styling easily compliments both smart-casual and smart-smart social events. iv) The NOHARM leather-free lace-up shoe radiates a clean and sophisticated traditional style. The shoe will compliment a high fashion designer business suit or designer trousers. All 14 styles are available at either or

NOHARM recognises a rapidly growing number of consumers are applying “ethical” behaviour when shopping. Following extensive research, NOHARM is prepared and able to bridge the gap between “high fashion” and “ethical consumerism”. NOHARM’s stylish vegan footwear is the start of a mission to synergise High Fashion and Ethical Consumerism. NOHARM has a unique and exclusive product able to satisfy the demands of this discerning, forward-thinking and rapidly expanding consumer base.

Ben Affleck in KU T-Shirt

Ben Affleck in KU T-Shirt Ben Affleck seen wearing KU. Benny boy must have a style guru on the payroll as he was shot sporting this extremely rare KU Tee. KU is the original Japanese designer brand with a long and respected history in The East.

Giorgio Armani Towers in Japan!

Giorgio Armani Towers in Japan! “Ginza is literally an intersection that is now attracting a diverse and international cross section of fashion consumers who are attracted by the energy and excitement that has been created there.” Giorgio Armani said.

Giorgio Armani, one of the world’s most successful fashion designers, has unveiled his concept for a new Armani/Ginza Tower in the high-profile shopping district of Japan’s capital. The concept is approximately 65,000 square feet over 12 floors and two basement levels. Set to open in November, the space will feature the Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani and Casa collections, along with the brand’s first spa, an Italian restaurant and a Privé bar. There also will be showrooms and the new corporate headquarters of Giorgio Armani Japan Co. Ltd.

Prada Forsale?

Prada Clothing Forsale If rumours are to be believed, British restaurant tycoon Richard Caring is in secret talks to buy Prada. Dick owns The Ivy, Le Caprice and also the legendary Annabel’s nightclub and is reputed to be up against at least two private equity firms, if he does make a bid for the Italian fashion house. Caring made his fortune supplying apparel to clients like Sir Philip Green, owner of Arcadia.

Meanwhile, Prada has denied these rumours and has, instead, indicated that an IPO is on the horizon. The company first announced its intention to go public in 2000 and has since postponed an IPO four times. Prada told the FT that an IPO could come in either 2008 or 2009 and that it had no interest in selling to a private equity firm or private investor. Last December, Prada was valued at €2 billion, however, the FT estimates that the company could now be worth €3 billion in the current luxury-hungry climate.

LA Air Line T-Shirts & Hoody A/W 2007

LA Airline T-Shirts & Hoody A/W 2007 Here’s a sneak preview of the much anticiapted LA Air Line A/W 2007 Collection.  As most of you know LA Air Line traces its roots back to Venice Beach California in 1971. This was a wonderful time to be in California. The creativity of the California culture at the time was changing the world. The Doors, Beach Boys, surf culture……art, hippy, free love, marijuana, carefree fun lifestyle….these all come to a persons mind when thinking of this time.

Skinny Jeans by Invisible Inc

Invisible Inc JeansThis is the latest collection by the UK brand Invisible Inc. The brand is renowned for creating fresh, clean designs and the latest collection is no exception. These skinny jeans will appeal to the purest fashionista as will the collection of tees and hoodies.
Invisible Inc T-Shirt

CLH Clothing, BAPE or not to BAPE, that is the question?

CLH Clothing Creating Limitless Heights, BAPE or not to BAPE, that is the question?

So the question remains, is CLH a BAPE rip-off or just some kind of BBC, Artful Dodger, LRG hybrid that morphs into a commercial frankenstein? This is the official blurb:

“CLH introduces the infinite possibilities of creating and styling the masses; we stand as the new leaders in street outfitters in the purest form. We strive to create innovative designs that reflect the unique “expressions” that are loudly spoken from the most intricate parts of the “streets”. The lifestyles of Hip Hop culture are thoroughly embedded in the streets, which gave life to CLH. This culture is now rooted across the continents. We dedicate ourselves to deliver an individual’s expression by creating visuals that speak for them on a universal language that can be shared in an ever-expanding culture.

As the streets continue to evolve and create aspirations of Hip Hop clothing, CLH will continue in being innovative with new concepts in garment making techniques. Our goal here is to represent each and all of you who breathe Hip Hop in the most honorable manner. You are the streets therefore you are the essence of the culture and we are just one-way to represent that essence.”

Perhaps the intention is sincere but the tone is patronising and almost smells like an attempt to deflect from the predictable question: is CLH a BAPE rip-off or just some kind of BBC, Artful Dodger, LRG hybrid that morphs into a commercial frankenstein?

Berghaus + Griffin Clothing Collection

Berghaus + Griffin Clothing Collection Leading outdoor brand Berghaus and cutting edge designer Jeff Griffin have joined forces to bring two unique performance products to YOU. Griffin has taken two key jackets from the new Berghaus collection and added distinctive and exclusive touches of his own.

The Solipsist is an uncompromising, unflinching functional jacket for climbers who put themselves into the most extreme situations. When the going gets really tough, it won’t back down and it will help you to keep moving. Griffin’s work is infused with inspiration from the realms of the extreme to which he is drawn. He has channelled his experiences to generate stunning design touches and a camouflage pattern that elevate the Solipsist from outstanding to iconic. The result is a jacket as desirable as it is brutal.

The Guard fuses retro styling with 21st Century performance in a fully featured insulated jacket. A wind proof and water resistant face fabric, zipped external and internal pockets, premium down fill and Berghaus attention to detail ensure that the Guard is a serious player. The Griffin touch ensures that while you will stay warm, you will also look uber-cool. Inspired by Berghaus’ North East England ship building heritage and the Angel of the North, Griffin has produced a print that celebrates heavy industry and hard work, but results in an object of apparently effortless contemporary beauty.
Berghaus + Griffin Jacket

Jeff Griffin explains:
“For us, here at Griffin, Berghaus is a beautiful brand with a beautiful product holding true to its roots.That makes it an appealing proposition for collaboration with Griffin. Berghaus looks after you on the mountain tops. I want to create a product that sells to those same active people but which will look at home in a city environment while retaining the ability to function at extremes.”

In adapting the Solipsist and Guard, Griffin has achieved just that. Uber functional and uber cool – Berghaus/Griffin is proof that they can be one and the same if you find the right combination.
100 jackets in each style. Available from September in selected stores and at

7 for All Mankind Jeans 2 Shoes?

7 for All Mankind Jeans 2 Shoes? 7 for All Mankind is universally known as a premium denim brand so it probably comes as a surprise to know they’re venturing into the footwear market. Some might argue this attempt to expand their business dillutes their credentials and marks the beginning of the end. Time will tell!

To quote the brand: “The story of premium denim is one intricately intertwined with the fall 2000 launch of 7 For All Mankind LLC in Los Angeles, California. 7 For All Mankind introduced Los Angeles’ premium denim to the world, marking LA as denims’ center for R and D worldwide and changing the landscape of denim forever.”

For this season, the woman’s footwear line will pay close attention to detailed materials. Lizard print, gradient python, crinkled paten leather, retro heavy canvas with piping, vacchetta leather / denim, and “laminato” (is mirror-like metallic leather). These materials will contain our highlighted colors for the season; ivory, russet orange, rose-pink, tobacco, and cognac. Our men’s line contains khaki, black, and deep blues. These natural colors will be displayed on traditional and deconstructed silhouettes, tumbled full grain leathers, burnished suede, vacchetta leather / denim and retro heavy canvas with piping.

Has anybody actually seen a pair of 7 for All Mankind shoes?

Stella McCartney Anti Fur Fashion

Stella McCartney Anti Fur Fashion Stella McCartney is to launch a virtual antifur protest. On July 12, the designer and PETA will co-host an online event on a specially created island in the virtual world. Visitors to the island  will be able to show their support for PETA in virtual terms.

All visitors will receive a selection of antifur accessories for their Second Life character to wear; they can donate money in Linden dollars, the community’s currency, which the animal rights group will be able to exchange for real U.S. dollars, and they will be able to dress their character in a T-shirt bearing the slogan “I’d rather be pixilated than wear fur.”

“Sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of humour on serious subjects,” said McCartney, whose island will be open through July 29, in a statement. Those who take a trip to the online idyll will be able to scoop real-world prizes, too. A competition will run until July 19, for which visitors can submit a new PETA slogan, based around its tag line, “I’d rather go naked than wear fur.” Prizes will include two tickets to McCartney’s spring 2008 show in Paris, one of the designer’s Appaloosa bags and her entire Care skin care line.