Stone Island Jacket + Stone Island Reflective Jacket Every geezer south of the M62 loves Stone Island, especially Stone Island Jackets; it’s tribal armour for the warriors of the south. As usual the current collection is well worth a butchers. This is the Stone Island Spring/Summer 2007 blurb:

“Spring/Summer 2007. Stone Island’s spring/Summer 2007 collection contaminates sportswear with military uniforms. These two influences are linked by the same need for functionality. They come together to create architectural and contemporary sportswear. Each garment has a unique DNA. Even the most hidden details have a special use and function. Fabric research and technology is always paramount. Elements from diverse industries are developed into urban functional fabrics.

Reflective: First used by Stone Island in 1992 this fabric is reintroduced as a commemorative jacket to mark 25 years of Stone Island as a high visibility blouson. The fabric is composed of thousands of glass microspheres that reflect light, even when only the tiniest amount is available. This is also adapted into a hooded blouson with a high shine nylon double layer.

Ventile: An extraordinary completely water-proof fabric in 100% cotton is able to perfectly combine breathability and protection from all weather conditions in blousons that guarantee to be the highest performing natural fibre.

Knitwear incorporates many different weights and gauges. Heavier knits in cotton, linen and nylon are mixed to become outerwear. Shirting in cotton/linen include military detailing and epaulettes. T-shirts with their superlight optical prints are multi dimensional. Trousers come in two fits. Clean and slim fitting or loose (snowboard derivation). The collection is complemented in neutral colours with grey nuances fading down to black and blue.”