RMC Jeans by Martin Ksohoh Martin Yat Ming aka Martin Ksohoh (pictured right) continues to rock the fashion world with his unique designs and unrivalled denim collections. Although RMC Martin Ksohoh is on the tip of the fashion world’s tongue few people know the man behind the brand. Here’s a small insight:

In other people’s eyes, Martin’s success comes at a matured age; and for he, himself, Martin thinks of that as a “late-coming Spring”. He has been undertaking roles supervising production and importing foreign brands. With experience accumulated in various work levels and the mastering of manufacturing procedures and technology, he has established the foundations and facilities benefitting RMC’s brand development.

To locally born and bred Martin, Hong Kong as an international cosmopolitan has given him the opportunities to encounter and absorb foreign culture. His management style, guts and acute market senses allow him to have free hands at work, and follow closely the international fashion pulses, which are instrumental for RMC’s successes.

From an early age Martin lived in Japan and has since been enchanted by history, art and culture of this nearby country. His deep digging into Japanese culture provided unlimited source of inspiration and themes for his creations. He has also been enlightened by Japanese brand management philosophy, and is determined to internationalize RMC by Martin Ksohoh.

Martin admitted that: “The thought of establishing our own brand name has been long existing, but has been of amateurish nature until change happened in the company’s business importing foreign brands.” The change urged the locally born and bred talent to make a decision to create a Hong Kong oriented brand that delivers quality on a par with international products. Abide by this belief, learning from Japanese conscientious and sophisticated thoughts, as well as integrating them with his unique vision, Martin projected his appreciation of Chinese and Japanese traditional culture into his design concepts. With incessant trials and efforts, RMC’s successes are based upon Martin’s determinedness, unlimited creativity and stringent pursuit for quality. Establishing a brand rich in oriental colours in the international market is already an exciting and challenging mission.  

 “Considering the Hong Kong originated international brand’s short market history, RMC’s design and products receiving acclaim and positive appraisal from around the world during the past few years are great motivation for us to excel and give our best endeavours,” Martin remarked.