Reebok Trainers highlight Ethical Credentials Reebok demonstrate their ethical & environmental credentials with the following online statement. This is a laudable step forward by the fashion forward sports brand. Let’s hope this is a sign of a shift in the fashion industry as a whole. Nice one Reebok!

“Reebok International Ltd. is committed to engaging in responsible environmental stewardship. We carry out this commitment in a manner that invigorates and strengthens our business.

We recognize that our business decisions have an impact on our employees, our suppliers, our consumers, our shareholders and the communities in which our products are manufactured. We strive to reduce our impact on the environment by improving resource efficiency wherever possible. We measure results and demonstrate continuous improvement in areas of identifiable priority. We meet or exceed the requirements of applicable laws and reflect the expectations of consumers.

We work in partnership with our suppliers to share information and find economic value in implementing environmental management programs. We engage key stakeholders to help us understand our impacts and identify priority areas of concern. We benchmark our performance against practices in our industry.”