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March 2007

Ben Sherman Clothing + Gibson Guitar = Iconic!

Ben Sherman Clothing + Gibson Guitar = Iconic! Great British icon, Ben Sherman and Gibson Guitar the world’s greatest guitar company, are working in association for summer 2007. 

Both Ben Sherman and Gibson Guitar will collaborate to create money-can’t-buy rock experiences by creating bespoke Gibson guitars for iconic musicians plus staging secret gigs at various locations. Keep your eyes peeled for these events and report any news so we can all get a butchers.

Scarlett Johansson + RBK Trainers = Scarlett Hearts

Scarlett Johansson + RBK Trainers = Scarlett Hearts Scarlett Johansson has teamed with Reebok to create a new sportswear collection, called Scarlett Hearts. The collection currently includes tracksuits, leggings and reebok trainers.

Scarlett Johansson (born November 22, 1984) is an American actress. She rose to fame with her role in 1998’s The Horse Whisperer and subsequently gained critical acclaim for her roles in Ghost World, Lost in Translation and Girl with a Pearl Earring, the latter two earning her Golden Globe Award nominations in 2003. She has been named the “sexiest” or “most beautiful” woman alive by several publications.

This looks like being one of the better celebrity/brand collaborations and much more than a quick smash and grab campaign.

Psycho Cowboy Clothing + Jeans

Psycho Cowboy Clothing + Jeans Psycho Cowboy was relaunched by the danish fashion house BTX in the Autumn 2006. Psycho Cowboy is a high-end brand. High quality, unique design, something special for the very fashion oriented consumer. The brand includes female as well as male collections. The typical consumer is probably between 20 and 30 years of age. He or she has an urban life style, is into fashion and culture, is well educated and has a clear opinion of own identity and the society that sorrounds us. Psycho Cowboy is created in the Latin Quarter of Copenhagen, where the design team take their inspiration from street life subcultures, pop music, R’n’B and the most progressive features in the fashion scene today.

2007 is built around two stories . Guerilla chick is a grunge inspired, “Che Guevarra meets Avil Lavigne”, story with strong influences from the bauhaus movements. The style is graphic and layered with a strong mens wear influence. Gallery has a decadent early nineties feeling inspired by Andy Warhol in a polished punkway. Matt/shiny effects, simplified silhouettes and flashes of neon.

Mariah Carey + Pinko Jeans

Mariah Carey + Pinko Jeans Mariah Carey is the new face, or should that be butt, of Pinko jeans. Mariah’s unveiling of of a specifically made pair of Pinko jeans hit the net to a mixed reaction. Mariah Carey follows in the footsteps of past Pinko “faces” Naomi Campbell, Elle Macpherson, and Eva Herzigova.

“I don’t think anyone should be banned from anything. There should not be a precedent,” she said. “That cannot work if you are naturally a size zero. As long as it’s not leading people to do harmful things to themselves to achieve that then it’s fine.” Pinko’s president and founder, Pietro Negra Pinko said Carey was chosen for their current campaign because she balances beauty and musical talent.  “Music is the greatest channel of communication; it reaches across the generations, perfectly reflecting the Pinko brand’s goal: to design clothes for women of all ages,” Pinko said.

Replay Jeans + Replay Col lectors Limited Jeans

Replay Jeans + Replay Col lectors Limited Jeans To celebrate its 25th anniversary last year, Italian jeans and fashion label Replay launched a limited edition pair of jeans. This has resulted in a new line of jeans called Replay Collectors. The line consists of a limited edition range of high-end jeans which signifies the company’s direction. “The beginning came out of the idea of the 25 th anniversary model,” said Replay chief executive Marco Bortoletti. “The idea was to give continuity to the success of that model and reinforce the idea and the roots of Replay, and create a longer-lasting project.”

Replay Collectors will hit stores this spring. The range is based on the anniversary jean, which was made from raw denim and sold in its own Replay briefcase. The jean’s defining feature was a gold-plated silver button which could be removed and worn as a cuff-link. At $500 (£260), only 1,000 pieces of the model were made, split equallly between men and women.

The Collectors line will first feature organic jeans – the current rage among environmentally conscious fashionista’s – made from organic cotton and washed with biodegradale soap. Buttons are made of vegetable-tanned leather and will be sold in recycled paper. Borletti said it was Replay’s intention to contribute in “some small way” to bringing awareness of environmental issues to the public.

Replay Collectors will introduce three or four new collection a year for the next two years, with a production of about 4,000 pieces. Distribution will be worldwide, in almost 200 Replay stores. Prices for a pair of jeans will average about €200.

John Smedley Clothing + John Smedley Sweaters

John Smedley Clothing + John Smedley Sweaters John Smedley is widely acknowledge as the world’s leading knitwear brand. John Smedley clothing is uniquely exceptional to its very core. John Smedley has been making fine knitwear in Derbyshire for over 200 years. Their family business was there at the birth of the industrial revolution when the first factories and looms were being built. In England’s traditional knitting heartlands are found generations of experience and skills in knitting and hand-finishing world-class knitwear. To refer to a ‘Smedley’ is to highlight what seems to be a piece of knitwear of an especially fine gauge: the finer the gauge, the closer and smoother the knit. There are reasons why John Smedley’s knitwear has become so iconic. There is the timelessness of our knitwear – traditional designs updated for 21st century living and the quality of their garments made from the finest raw materials; they can trace their Merino wool back to the sheep station in New Zealand.

Fashion fades, but style remains. The essence of a John Smedley piece of knitwear is a blend of the traditional and the contemporary, from the way it is made to the way it is worn. The result is a modern classicism that looks good with almost anything and looks right at almost any occasion. The new capsule collection John Smedley “Mode” and extended accessories range is one to watch.

Affliction Clothing + Randy Couture

Affliction Clothing + Randy Couture Affliction clothing is worn by the world’s meanest geezers. If your looking for a brand with an edge check out Affliction. Affliction emerged at full speed when it launched in August 2005. Affliction has created not just a buzz, but a sonic boom in the fashion world. Rock bands, celebrities, and fashionistas can’t seem to get enough Affliction. With fans like Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie, Avenged Sevenfold, Pride Fighter Josh Barnett, UFC Fighter’s Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture, and Magician Criss Angel just to name a few, Affliction has already become the new celebrity fashion standard.

Affliction is a fashion-forward men’s brand set apart by a combination of art and ideology with high quality execution. Featuring in your face, hand drawn graphics, the line embodies the pulse of a generation that thrives on the brink of mayhem. With a hangtag that says, “Live Fast, Die Young,” Affliction stands for living to the fullest and not stopping for anything or anyone.

Affliction’s vintage fit tees, hoods, polos, and thermals display graphics that speak volumes about the music, culture and lifestyle that inspires them. Expanding on the dark and intricate graphic themes Affliction has also breathed new life into the denim market – Buy Here

Married to the Mob Clothing + Gwen Stefani

Married to the Mob Clothing + Gwen Stefani Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. brand was inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer’s character in Scarface, for it’s latest collection. Married to the Mob she maybe, but the L.A.M.B. collection has an angelic style. The L.A.M.B. brand has a proven ability to hit the right notes and the latest collection is no different. In addition to the Married to the Mob look, the latest L.A.M.B. collection has a global bent, including cheetah printed tops and trench coats, khaki safari suits and a strapless tent dresses, embroidered tunic hooded sweatshirt and a Mexican printed dress, and of course the Gwen Stefani trademark skinny jeans and boob tube.

Reebok Trainers highlight Ethical Credentials

Reebok Trainers highlight Ethical Credentials Reebok demonstrate their ethical & environmental credentials with the following online statement. This is a laudable step forward by the fashion forward sports brand. Let’s hope this is a sign of a shift in the fashion industry as a whole. Nice one Reebok!

“Reebok International Ltd. is committed to engaging in responsible environmental stewardship. We carry out this commitment in a manner that invigorates and strengthens our business.

We recognize that our business decisions have an impact on our employees, our suppliers, our consumers, our shareholders and the communities in which our products are manufactured. We strive to reduce our impact on the environment by improving resource efficiency wherever possible. We measure results and demonstrate continuous improvement in areas of identifiable priority. We meet or exceed the requirements of applicable laws and reflect the expectations of consumers.

We work in partnership with our suppliers to share information and find economic value in implementing environmental management programs. We engage key stakeholders to help us understand our impacts and identify priority areas of concern. We benchmark our performance against practices in our industry.”

Paul Smith

Paul Smith Paul Smith honored. Each year the Royal institute of British architects (RIBA) awards Honorary fellowships to those people who they feel have made particular contributions to architecture in its broadest sense, its promotion, administration and outreach, its role in building more sustainable communities; and its role in the education of future generations. This year the committee have awarded Paul Smith an Honorary fellowship for the contribution he has made towards architecture and design over the years. The Fellowship is a lifetime honour conferred on annually.

1921 Jeans coming to the UK

1921 Jeans coming to the UK “The beauty of denim is not what you see but rather what it can become.” – Allan Kemp, denim interpreter, 1921.

1921 is something unique. A brand created simply for the joy of making jeans. Crafted by denim enthusiasts for denim enthusiasts. A timeless jeans collection for men and women. A true denimist can appreciate the quality and hand detailing that goes into a pair of 1921s. A fashion seeker will fall in love with the style and fit of the collection.

1921 Premium Denim is worn by a host of celebrities, including Nicole Ritchie, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba. Sold at the LA’s trendiest store, Kitson, the label is crossing the Atlantic and will be available in Harrods starting next month. Ironically, the brand’s creative director Allan Kemp was greatly influenced by the UK while designing. “England in a large way shaped my vision,” he told Vogue. “As a teenager I listened to bands like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Animals and Cream. I saw fashions by Mary Quant, models like Twiggy and my style was influenced by the Mods and the Rockers. It is very exciting to have England now wearing my jeans.”