Mason’s Clothing + London's Swinging 60s Mason’s clothing line continues to attract attention. For the AW 07/08 collection, Mason’s plunges into the end of 60’s and early 70’s, presenting a dandy chic collection that takes inspiration from the Swinging London. Mason’s is influenced by this époque, the époque of crazy and intellectual artists, of reckless and endless parties, that was the cradle of the new and the modern. Nevertheless this inspiration is mixed and integrated with a politically correct military view with styles that take inspiration from the army and the aviation. The highlights of this collection are the new fabrics and the new wearability. The collection is characterized by the presence of pockets to make simple the research for the little objects we use every day. The Mason’s woman collection, also influenced by the swinging London theme, is characterized by tapered and close-fitting lines, trousers became more clean and tighter-fitting. There are a lot of sweaters and dresses and of course don’t lack the miniskirt, the symbols of the 60’s.